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Sleepy Hollow/Bones event: Why Booth and Brennan had the crossover advantage

Sleepy Hollow and Bones made history when the two very different shows crossed over into one big event.

In the episodes, Booth and Brennan had a definite advantage over Ichabod and Abbie, but that didn’t stop the team from the town of Sleepy Hollow from dominating over the husband and wife team from D.C.

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Ichabod and Abbie on Bones

Being a fan of both shows, I loved the way both couples handled dealing with another partnership that was both alike and dissimilar to their own. Booth and Brennan had a bit of an edge when the crossover event began. First of all, the investigation happened on their own turf and they had other assets on their side, such as the Squints, access to the latest in technology and, well, just the mere fact that they weren’t fighting anything supernatural — at least not that they knew of.

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When Ichabod and Abbie arrived, they didn’t let Booth and Brennan’s home field advantage get the better of them. From the moment they stepped into the Jeffersonian, they stuck to their guns and demanded to be a part of the investigation. After that, each of them earned respect from their counterparts — Brennan admiring Ichabod’s knowledge of “history” while Abbie and Booth met each other on equal ground as similar agents.

Sleepy Hollow/Bones crossover - Hodgins, Ichabod, Brennan, Angela
Image: Fox

Booth and Brennan on Sleepy Hollow

Back on their own turf again, Abbie and Ichabod were still at somewhat of a disadvantage when the case cracked back open and they had to ask Booth and Brennan for assistance. Not that asking for help made them weaker, not at all, but trying to keep the truth about the secrets of their town hidden from the D.C. wasn’t easy. But again, the two teams found that there was much to be learned from the other as Booth and Brennan navigated their way through a case that wasn’t quite like anything they had ever seen before.

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One thing Brennan had on her side was her ability to never falter or waver from her belief that all things can be explained with science. Faced with a 200-year-old document apparently signed by a contemporary or doused in supernatural flames, Brennan always came up with the most logical of reasons for their existence. Meanwhile, Booth had no time for ancient artifacts and riddles when his wife and another were in danger, he just went straight for his gun. Booth and Brennan definitely showed what they were made of in Sleepy Hollow, but given that Abbie and Ichabod fought multiple supernatural elements (including an army of zombified soldiers) made them the clear winner in the crossover.

The winner: Ichabod and Abbie

It remains to be seen if Ichabod and Abbie can keep their lead over Booth and Brennan when the shows do another crossover and I can’t wait to see it happen. They may be shows from two different genres, but the characters worked in both worlds and it was immensely entertaining to watch.

What did you think of the Bones/Sleepy Hollow crossover episodes?

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