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Heroes Reborn answers 7 questions by unveiling the mystery of Claire’s death

After six episodes, Heroes Reborn offered up some answers to questions fans have been asking since the beginning. From Claire’s death to the mysterious “baby” Erica keeps mentioning to Tommy’s biological parents, Noah and Hiro traveling back in time turned out to be somewhat of a good thing. You know, when they weren’t trying to step on any butterflies.

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Most importantly, Thursday’s episode finally answered the one question viewers have been itching to learn. So, is Claire really dead? Unfortunately, she is. However, with her death came a lot of answers and even set the tone for the rest of the season. This was definitely the best episode of the season so far, which may or may not have something to do with seeing the old Heroes gang back together, aka Hiro, Noah, Mohinder and Angela.

Whatever the case, the episode focused solely on the ominous day of June 13 by giving a play by play of the bombing of the Odessa Summit. Most importantly, viewers watched as Noah pieced together his missing memories and tried to save Claire. Sadly, he wasn’t able to rescue his Claire Bear in time, but her death did answer these questions.

1. How did Claire die?

Seeing as she was the girl who healed and couldn’t feel pain, how the heck did she die? Well, it wasn’t really explained, except for the fact that Claire died during childbirth from cardiac arrest. Yes, you read that right. Claire died during childbirth. I’m guessing since there were complications during childbirth, Claire was somehow able to use her healing abilities to save her children and sacrificed herself in the process.

2. Who is the “baby” Erica wants?

Believe it or not, the baby is actually two babies and they are Claire’s biological twins. Whoa. However, Erica doesn’t know there are twins and is only in search of one child, who is known as the Evo who will save the world.

3. Who are Tommy’s biological parents?

As you probably guessed after reading the above bullet, Claire is Tommy’s mother. However, who is the other baby? It is none other than Malina. That’s right, Tommy and Malina are brother and sister. As for their names, Malina is named after Noah’s mother and Tommy’s real name is Nathan, after Nathan Petrelli (Claire’s biological father).

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4. Why did Noah have his memory erased?

Noah erased his memory in order to protect his grandchildren from Erica. That way, he wouldn’t be able to tell Erica that Claire gave birth to twins and wouldn’t tell her where to find them, so she could stop them from saving the world. That’s right, Tommy, Malina or both will help save the world. Like mother, like twins, right?

5. How can Tommy and Malina be Claire’s children?

You might be wondering, “How can Tommy and Malina be Claire’s children? The timeline and their ages don’t match up. Shouldn’t they be only one year old?” Well, that’s right, but there’s a catch. To ensure that they actually help save the world, Hiro hid Tommy and Malina 15 years in the past. That way, their powers would manifest at the right time to help save the world in 2015.

6. How does Anne fit into the picture?

So, where does Tommy’s adopted mother come into play? Well, she was the nurse at the hospital who helped with the delivery of Claire’s children.

7. Who is Tommy and Malina’s father?

Just kidding. This question wasn’t answered, but at the end of the episode Tommy said to Anne, “Dad taught me everything I know.” Is he referring to a surrogate father? Is he referring to Anne’s husband, if she is married? Is he referring to his biological father? That remains a mystery.

Heroes Reborn airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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