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Country Thunder is coming to Canada, and we couldn’t happier

The three-day Country Thunder Alberta will be happening from Aug. 19-21, 2016, and see some of the biggest and best country stars headlining the music festival, with acts including Tim McGraw (we love a man in a cowboy hat), Luke Bryan and Big & Rich, as well as Chris Janson, Bobby Wills, Dustin Lynch and Chris Young — more acts are still to be announced.

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“Country Thunder has wanted to come to Canada, and Calgary is the first and most obvious choice,” general manager of the festival Gerry Krochak said, Calgary Herald reports. “This is one of the great country music cities in the world. To do a three-day festival, a city festival, in the city, was something that was important. And we’re happy to be coming to Canada.”

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With just under a year to wait, we’re already thinking of how amazing this festival will be, but also, who doesn’t love hot guys in cowboy hats? Seriously, though.

Country Thunder Alberta
Image: 4×6/Getty Images

Work that lasso, baby!

Country Thunder Alberta hot guys
Image: 4×6/Getty Images

Flowers and abs? What a winning combination.

Country Thunder Alberta Hot Guys
Image: 4×6/Getty Images

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That’s quite an impressive belt buckle he has there.

Country Thunder Alberta hot guys
Image: Picturenet/Getty Images

Well howdy to you too, partner!

Country Thunder Alberta hot guys
Image: vuk8691/Getty Images

We’re not sure why he’s taking his shirt off, but then again, there doesn’t need to be a reason!

Country Thunder Alberta hot guys
Image: Jami Garrison/Getty Images

There are no words for this hotness.

Country Thunder Alberta hot guys
Image: Mark Stout/Getty Images

Introductory three-day passes are available for $130, and if there’s even one of these men at the festival, then it’s definitely not something you want to miss.

All jokes aside, the festival will be packed with talented musicians.

Country Thunder Alberta festival

Will you be headed to Country Thunder Alberta next year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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