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Studio 10 praised for televising nude breast check demonstration

It’s not every day that we see nudity on daytime television, unless perhaps if you’re watching SBS. But Channel 10 showed a breast check demonstration this week and has been praised by viewers for the live nudity.

Embarrassing Bodies’s resident medic, Dr. Sam Hay, was on Channel 10’s morning program Studio 10 to share how important it is for women to do regular breast checks on themselves. And instead of using animations to show how it’s done, model Mia was there to demonstrate.

“We’re all adults,” host Sarah Harris said at the beginning of the segment, adding that it’s important for women to know exactly how the breast check should be done.

The segment was an absolute hit, too, with women taking to social media to share their own experiences with breast cancer and how important it is to know exactly how to do checks.

“I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, self check has saved my life,” said Cindy Court on Studio 10’s Facebook page.

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Studio 10 breast check segment
Image: Facebook/Studio 10

“My mother always told me the importance of regularly checking my breasts but as a young woman, was always unsure exactly how to go about it. Very informative segment and hats off to your wonderful model for having the courage and grace to demonstrate on TV, not many women could do that,” shared Candice Henry.

While others jumped on Facebook to share their very own personal experiences with breast cancer:

“I was 18 when I discovered my first lump. It turned out to be a benign tumour that had to be removed as it was growing size. I was in the middle of my HSC at the time but I didn’t waste any time. I’m now 51 years old & continue to have breast checks & mammograms every 6 months,” said Assunta Sinicropi.

Studio 10 breast check segment
Image: Facebook/Studio 10

Others saw the segment as an opportunity to do their own breast check right then and there.

“Thank you so much studio ten for the breast exam segment. Yes I took off my top and did it along with the lovely Mia. Special thanks to Mia for helping. Love the show, I always learn something and have a great laugh,” Sandy Serra Sheard said.

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If you haven’t taken note of how to do a breast check correctly, you can watch the video here.

Dr Sam’s breast check tips include:

  • Make sure you relax while doing your checks — perhaps do it in bed or the shower
  • Use three fingers to create a soft surface area
  • Don’t forget to check the middle of your breast tissue and the nipple
  • Your breast tissue goes right up into the armpit, so be sure to cover that area thoroughly, too
  • Breasts can naturally have different bumps and lumps; regular breast checks mean you have a better idea of what your breasts usually feel like so you can recognise any changes

What did you think of the breast check segment on Studio 10? Share your thoughts below.

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