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12 Reasons Arrow‘s Oliver could actually run for office in real life

After going back and forth on his decision, Oliver finally announced that he was running for mayor of Star City in the latest episode of Arrow.

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Life would be grand if Oliver (Stephen Amell) could walk out of our TV sets and run for office in real life. Here’s why he’d make the best mayor ever, for reals.

1. He can protect himself

How many cities can claim that they have a mayor who can fight like Oliver Queen? With a guy like him in office, he might never need a security detail.

2. He’s not a politician

Running for the office of a politician but not actually being a politician sounds like it would be a terrible idea. Yet, the fact that Oliver doesn’t come from that type of background would make him a fantastic mayor, as he’s bound to have ideas that are completely out of the box.

3. He cares about his city

Oliver cares about the people that are in his city. If you were lucky enough to have him as your mayor, chances are your city would be the best it could be. He might have to take down some bad guys to get there and you might have to put up with evil people showing up every once in a while trying to take him down, but it would all work out.

Arrow - Beyond Redemption Oliver mayor
Image: The CW

4. He’s got a badass lair

Did you see that new lab he got, thanks to Cisco and STAR Labs? That place was off the hook and any guy who has connections like that will certainly be an asset to a city.

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5. He can pull off skintight leather and tailored suits

Mayors admittedly spend most of their time at functions where a suit is more appropriate than leather, but wouldn’t it be nice to know that the mayor of your city could wear either and rock them equally?

6. He’s got an amazing team

Between his genius girlfriend and his supportive (once they got used to the idea) friends and family, Oliver has quite the support system behind him. Those are the kind of people every mayor should have in their corner, but not all do.

7. He can come up with nifty code names

I’m not exactly sure how this skill would be useful as a mayor, but you have to admit that he’s got talent. Who else can come up with “Detective” on the fly like Oliver did when Lance (Paul Blackthorne) asked him for a nickname? Just because we don’t know exactly how he’ll use it, doesn’t mean it won’t be a helpful skill someday.

8. Two words: Salmon ladder

Need I say more? I mean, can your current mayor do that? Didn’t think so.

9. He’s not afraid of confrontation of any kind

Oliver has never been one to back down from a fight, but what I admire about him is the fact that he’s not afraid to take on those emotional battles as well. His and Lance’s relationship has been complicated from the get-go and I got a serious case of the feels when I saw the way Oliver confronted Lance and told him that he always wanted Lance to see the man he really was. That took a different kind of guts than fighting an army of bad guys, but it was just as difficult.

10. He doesn’t have a traditional background for leadership

Oliver does run a small team, but running an entire city will be very different. The fact that he’s never really run a team as big as he’ll have to run to be mayor is, again, something that makes him perhaps more qualified for the job. He’ll see and do things in a new way, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

11. He survived 5 years in hell

After what Oliver went through on the island, I know I, for one, would feel like there’s nothing that being a mayor could throw at him that he couldn’t handle. Natural disasters? Been there, done that. City overrun by criminals? Bring it on. Assassination attempts? Please, he eats those for breakfast.

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12. He doesn’t have to hide behind a mask

Once he stood on that podium to give a speech, Oliver took a stand for his city without a mask on — and it was a beautiful thing. He proved that he doesn’t have to hide behind anything in order to lead an entire city, and that will make him a great leader.

What do you think about Oliver deciding to run for mayor in the latest episode of Arrow?

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