11 Ways Supernatural did Dean's 'Baby' justice

Oct 28, 2015 at 10:59 p.m. ET
Image: The CW

It's been teased for some time now that Supernatural was doing an episode revolving around Dean's Baby. On Wednesday night, that episode, titled "Baby," finally aired and it did not disappoint. Not only did it show Sam and Dean in a whole new light, but it proved that Baby truly is a Winchester.

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Fans knew the entire episode would take place in the Impala — and some might have even thought to themselves, "How is that going to work? Won't it be boring?" Granted, the episode moved a bit slower than most (don't get me wrong, there were exciting scenes), but it was those slow moments that showed Sam and Dean bonding like the true brothers that they are. Not only did viewers get a glimpse into what actually goes down in the Impala (eating, joking, singing, sex) at all hours of the day, but they watched Sam and Dean have some deep conversations about the future, family and The Darkness.

Supernatural definitely did Baby justice and delivered everything fans could've hoped for, including these 11 moments.


1. Showing how Baby stays so clean

So this is how she stays looking so young, so fresh and so clean. Keep up the good work, Sam and Dean!

2. Watching Sam and Dean jamming

It's good to know that Sam and Dean jam together during car rides, especially to Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band's "Night Moves."

3. Seeing the brothers bond over Mary and John

It was nice to see Sam and Dean talk about Mary, John and the simpler lives they once led.

4. Showing Sam and Dean having "real" talk

It was definitely a change of pace to see them talk about the future, marriage, having families and settling down. Sadly, they both know this probably isn't a reality for either of them.


5. All the joking moments

The episode wouldn't have been the same without Sam and Dean joking around, like when Dean got irritated with Sam putting smoothies in the beer cooler.

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6. Sam admitting a secret to Dean

Finally! Sam told Dean he was infected. That took long enough. Baby clearly worked her magic.


7. Dean's deputy joke

I mean, how could he not make that joke? It was worth the wait. (FYI, it's in reference to Eric Clapton's "I Shot the Sheriff" song.)

8. The jerk, bitch moment

Anyone else get all the feels when Sam and Dean said, "Goodnight, jerk. Goodnight, bitch."?


9. Showing how Baby is truly family

Baby is another Winchester and she is always there for Sam and Dean, especially when they need a place to sleep, to have sex, to eat or to chop off creatures' heads. Whatever they need, she has their backs.

10. Proving that Sam and Dean will always have a home

Despite not having a real home (save for the Men of Letters bunker) and constantly being on the road, Baby is Sam and Dean's home.


11. The surprise of Matt Cohen

Did anyone expect to see Matt Cohen reprise his role as young John Winchester? That was a nice surprise, even though it wasn't really John, but someone or something pretending to be him. Whatever the case, what an unexpected and exciting cameo!

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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