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11 Things you didn’t know about Mary-Kate Olsen’s fiancé

Mary-Kate Olsen is taking her time locking down the details of her wedding.

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But the actress, who has been engaged since early 2014, has reportedly set a date. According to Us Weekly, she and fiancé Olivier Sarkozy are planning to marry in the Hamptons next summer.

“They’re leaning toward a June event in the Hamptons,” a source told the site, adding that the couple has “changed their plans a million times.”

Regardless of when the wedding actually happens, Olsen’s beau is a notoriously private man. Information about him is scarce online, so for those who are wondering, here are 11 things you probably didn’t already know about Sarkozy.

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1. He was born in France…

2. … but he’s lived all over the world

Including Zambia, Egypt, where he spent his teenage years, the U.K., where he attended boarding school and St Andrews, Scotland, where he studied at the University of St Andrews.

3. His half-brother, Nicolas, was the president of France

Nicolas was also mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.

4. He moved to the U.S. in 1990

Sarkozy was hired by American investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. in 1990. Since then, he’s moved around high-level positions at a number of American banks, where he’s handled mergers and other projects totaling tens of billions of dollars.

5. He was married once before

In the 1990s, Sarkozy married Charlotte Bernard, a freelance fashion writer and children’s book author. They separated in 2010 and finalized their divorce in 2011.

6. He has two children

Sarkozy and Bernard share two children, 13-year-old Julien and 11-year-old Margo.

7. He started dating Olsen in 2012

8. The engagement ring he gave her was one of a kind

According to Us Weekly, Sarkozy bought the four-carat vintage Cartier ring at a Sotheby’s auction — for $81,250.

9. She turned him down once before

Sources say Olsen turned Sarkozy down the first time he proposed.

“She wasn’t ready,” an insider told Us Weekly at the time. “She wanted to make sure he would be good to her.”

10. They have a huge age gap

Olsen is 29 and Sarkozy is 46.

11. He’s worth a cool $60 million

That may be pennies to ultra-rich Olsen, but $60 million still isn’t too shabby.

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