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Khloé Kardashian shames haters for attacking her after Lamar Odom interview

Everyone knows Khloé Kardashian doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to her family, often taking to social media to defend them against the evils of Internet trolls and even other celebs.

Now, she is tweeting her disgust at the criticism she’s been getting over her recently published People magazine cover.

The story marked Kardashian’s first interview since Odom was hospitalized after being found unresponsive in a legal brothel, in Las Vegas. In the interview, she told the magazine that while the couple has called off their divorce, that does not mean they are getting back together. It was after the story was published that Kardashian felt she needed to defend herself, and explain her actions.

She tweeted, “I want to make this VERY clear… My People cover, I shot and interviewed for PRIOR to all the events that happened.” She continued, “It was contracted press for my book that I wrote months and months ago. Timing is what it is.”

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She also took a moment to put the haters in their place, shaming them for trying to shame her, saying, “Shame on you all for thinking the worst of me. It’s been a tough few weeks. I don’t need your f***ed up energy!”

In response to questions about the information in the interview about Odom, since she claimed it was done before everything happened, she gladly and easily cleared that up, saying, “I had to do a follow up 5 minute phoner after the events only because I was contracted to. I cancelled my book tour to avoid this attention.”

And she wishes that people would get some facts before they jump to judgement.

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Since tweeting these things, folks seem to have done a 180, and Kardashian has been getting nothing but support. Many folks have tweeted at her with some really nice and uplifting messages, which give a glimmer of hope that people maybe aren’t quite so terrible all the time.

Do you you understand Kardashian’s explanation and think people need to chill out?

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