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5 Reasons Amy Schumer would be an awesome best friend

The comedian famous for her honest, raw, often raunchy and in-your-face humor is virtually inescapable these days.

Amy Schumer is having a moment

Her Comedy Central television show, Inside Amy Schumer, just won an Emmy. Her movie, Trainwreck, which she wrote and starred in, was a huge summer blockbuster hit. She recently hosted both the MTV Movie Awards and Saturday Night Live, and her HBO special, Amy Schumer Live at the Apollo, premiered in mid-October.

It’s safe to say this girl is killing it.

What is Ms. Schumer’s appeal, exactly?

What has made her fame completely skyrocket in such a short period of time?

Schumer exudes the kind of quality we all love in our celebrities — relatability. She’s the girl next door, the girl we can see ourselves grabbing a beer with and having a total blast. Sure, her bank account isn’t very relatable, but she doesn’t give off the quality of “I’m a rich untouchable celebrity.”

Let’s explore the many reasons Amy Schumer would make an amazing bestie

  1. She’s funny, duh. Who doesn’t want a hilarious best friend? We all know Schumer would make us laugh with her quick wit, self-deprecating humor, sarcasm and one-of-a-kind comedic delivery. It’s safe to say a friendship with this gal would result in abdominal pain and teary eyes — all laughter-induced.
  2. She supports women. Despite the fact that Schumer is known for her sense of humor, she’s got a serious side, too, especially when it comes to advocating for women’s rights. She has spoken on behalf of women in several forums, and the sketches on Inside Amy Schumer often take a feminist stance, covering a wide array of topics such as birth control, rape, pornography and body image. She’s actually a great role model for women and an advocate for self-confidence and being body-positive and strong-willed. We could all use a friend like this.
  3. She’s unapologetic. Sure, she’s widely popular and successful and has about a gazillion fans. With fame comes criticism, and Schumer is no stranger to it. She’s constantly in the news receiving negative press for her comedy, comments she’s made or even her appearance. Guess what? She doesn’t care what you think of her. Recently she said, “I am a woman with thoughts and questions and shit to say. I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story — I will.” Having a girlfriend like this in your camp is essential. Schumer would be the type of friend who would support and accept you for all of your shortcomings and flaws, teaching you to own them and not be ashamed of them.
  4. She’s self-deprecating and real. Let’s be honest: It’s hard to be friends with a perfect specimen, or even someone who pretends to be. Being around people who are real and forthcoming about the not-so-glamorous stuff in life is super appealing — again, it’s the relatability factor. Schumer is the kind of girl with whom you can order a huge pizza and hang out unshowered, in sweats and sans makeup. Sure, she’ll likely tease and make fun of you playfully, but guess what? She’ll probably give it right back at herself. Any fans of her comedy know how often she self-deprecates in true hilarious Amy fashion, like in this amazing One Direction-type parody video about wearing makeup.
  5. She likes to have fun. Interviews, paparazzi pics and social media posts show this girl knows how to have a good time. Her entourage of famous friends includes the equally hilarious Jennifer Lawrence and Aziz Ansari, among others, but she also maintains loyal friendships with pals from back home in Long Island or her college alma mater, Towson University. We’re constantly seeing Schumer and her crew having a blast and doing super fun things like vacationing or just engaging in good old-fashioned shenanigans on the road or while staying in for the night. Where do we sign up to be a part of this?

What do you think? Would you want a friend like Amy Schumer? Based on all of these traits, I know I sure would. Gimme a call, Amy!

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