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Kourtney Kardashian is reportedly furious with Kris Jenner’s latest move

Kris Jenner still thinks there’s hope for Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick in the future, and Kardashian is livid.

Jenner took Kardashian’s three children to visit their dad in rehab on Sunday.

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Jenner was still wearing the blue-and-white striped pajamas that all the guests wore at Kim’s baby shower on the same day, suggesting that Jenner went straight from the party to the rehab center with Kardashian’s kids.

And Kardashian was none too pleased by the paparazzi photos snapped of the reunion.

Kourtney, of course, was livid that Kris went to see him,” a source dished to In Touch. “She went nuclear on Kris.”

But Jenner didn’t want Disick to see the kids simply out of a kindness to him. The source also reports that she had some serious ulterior motives. “It was a stab at trying to smooth things over with Scott. She wants him and Kourtney to get back together, and she wants it all documented on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

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This is the fourth time Disick has been in rehab. He entered the treatment center the same day Lamar Odom was discovered in critical condition at a Las Vegas brothel. Odom had overdosed, and the news was enough to kick Disick into gear to get help for his addiction problems.

But it wasn’t just his problems with drugs and alcohol that led to Kardashian breaking things off with her longtime love.

Disick was also caught cheating on her while vacationing back in July.

And a source told People that “Kourtney won’t allow Scott split custody. She thinks he is a drunk mess and not fit to be a parent without supervision.”

But it seems that by supervised visitations, she didn’t mean while he was still in rehab, according to the report from In Touch.

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So far, no one in the family has spoken out publicly about the visit.

Do you think Disick has a right to see his kids, or his Kardashian understandably furious?

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