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Lily Allen reveals heartbreaking inspiration behind new song

Lily Allen’s song “Something’s Not Right,” which features in the new Pan movie, is beautiful. Even more so now that we know it was written for a very special person.

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The singer and mum-of-two posted a link to the video for “Something’s Not Right” on Twitter yesterday and revealed that the song was written in memory of the stillborn baby boy she gave birth to in 2010.

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The song’s moving lyrics include, “Something’s not right / There aren’t many stars in the sky tonight / Something’s not right / ‘Cause I know that it’s day but it’s dark outside / And I feel a weight in my heart tonight.” 

Watch the video for the song below:
In an interview with The Sun on Sunday in early 2014 Allen talked about the experience of giving birth to her stillborn son six months into her pregnancy.

“It was horrendous and something I would not wish on my worst enemy,” she said. “But it’s not something that you get over. I held my child and it was really horrific and painful — one of the hardest things that can happen to a person.

“I was overwhelmed by what an incredibly unlucky thing it was to happen. But I had this man standing by my side, who I knew was going to be with me for the rest of my life. I nearly died. But I was numb and I didn’t care. I’d just lost my baby and that is a reflection of how numb I was.”

Allen married her husband Sam Cooper in June 2011 and went on to have two daughters, Ethel, 3, and Marnie, 2.

For bereavement support call the Sands helpline on 0207 436 5881 or email

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