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Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez’s divorce takes a strange twist

Halle Berry is a beautiful, talented and strong woman, but when it comes to love, she’s incredibly unlucky; and news recently broke that she and her third husband, Olivier Martinez, are headed for divorce.

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The couple was plagued with divorce rumors throughout their marriage, and now there’s something strange about the divorce petition — it was filed using pseudonyms.

On Monday, Berry filed for divorce using the name Hal Maria (Maria is her second name), and Martinez was filed under Oliver Martin, TMZ reports. The decision was reportedly made for privacy reasons, and Berry even went so far as to give her son, Maceo, the alias “Mac Martin.”

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According to the publication, Martinez filed his own petition on Tuesday, one day after his wife, but whether filing under an alias is legal, is unclear. According to the gossip site, a judge may have to decide if Berry’s petition is legal — if not, Martinez becomes the petitioner.

Another thing Berry’s legal team got wrong is that she reportedly did not serve Martinez properly; instead she just handed him the documents, and under California law, that is not allowed.

The couple has a prenup, so that should make matters a little easier, and according to TMZ, Martinez is asking for joint custody of their son.

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So, what went so terribly wrong?

The two reportedly have different personalities. TMZ claims they were told Berry is “very difficult,” and “goes nuts when she doesn’t get her way,” while Martinez reportedly has a temper, though not violent toward her.

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