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Fuller House: 8 Things to know about Andrea Barber — aka Kimmy

Everyone’s favorite — or, perhaps, least favorite — neighbor, Kimmy Gibbler, will return to our screens next year in Netflix’s Full House reboot, Fuller House. But how well do you know Gibbler’s portrayer, Andrea Barber? Here are a few interesting tidbits.

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1. She originally auditioned for the role of D.J.

During an episode of Katie back in 2013, Barber revealed she had her eyes set on the role of the oldest Tanner daughter. Candace Cameron Bure, who was eventually cast as D.J., pointed out how different Barber is from her character.

“She’s like the total opposite of Kimmy Gibbler on the show,” Cameron Bure said. “I mean, she’s very intelligent and smart. I was like, ‘I should’ve been playing Kimmy Gibbler. You should’ve been playing D.J.'”

2. And Cameron Bure wasn’t kidding about Barber’s smarts

Kimmy was, well, quite dim. But Barber, on the other hand, isn’t lacking in intelligence. She has a degree in English from Whittier College, and she also has a master’s degree in women’s studies from the University of York in England.

3. International education is a key passion

Barber told Modern Mom back in 2010 that working in the area of international education is something she would like to get back to at some point after deriving much positivity from her previous work in the field.

“Between college graduation and having my first baby, I was traveling everywhere. I studied abroad in Denmark and got my Master’s degree in England, and I found that international education truly made me come alive. Something sparked inside of me. I helped students have that same ‘coming of age’ experience outside of the U.S. borders and learn about different cultures,” she told the site.

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4. She has two kids

Barber has son Tate, 11, and daughter Felicity, 8, with her husband, Jeremy Rytky, whom she married in 2002.

5. She is a hard-core athlete

Barber doesn’t just run; she runs marathons. Her Instagram feed is full of shots of her in her colorful running gear while training for upcoming events.

6. Her love for one band, in particular, knows no bounds

To say Barber is a New Kids on the Block fan would be an understatement. Her unabashed devotion meant she was never going to be far away when they got their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She always seems to be at one of their concerts, and she even went on the NKOTB cruise!

7. She runs a Kimmy Gibbler Halloween contest

And people really get into it.

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8. She and Cameron Bure are as close as Kimmy and D.J. were

Barber and Cameron Bure’s friendship has endured — back in May, when the Full House reboot was announced, the two pals made it clear the term “BFF” applies to them with a heartwarming Twitter exchange.

“Are you ready to be best friends again @candacecbure? #FullerHouse @netflix,” Barber posted. Bure’s response? “We never stopped.” And then there are Instagram posts like the one above — just in case you needed photographic proof.

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Image: Jodie Sweetin/Instagram

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