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Big Freedia reveals what she regrets not telling her dad after their reunion

The real Queen Diva was in the house. What did you think? Did I look the part? You besta believa!

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What you didn’t hear about that opening photo shoot was how I decided on the look for the book! Simon & Schuster sent some ideas and concepts, which we loved, but the day before that shoot, I needed my outfit for them to build on. We ran around Los Angeles looking for the right look. I got that gorgeous white tuxedo at 7 p.m. the night before. It was really high-stress, but sometimes in those moments you come up with the most inspired looks!

Big Freedia wins OffBeat Best of the Beat Award
Image: Fuse

OffBeat Best of the Beat Awards: What an honor to be nominated and win among all Louisiana bounce artists! My music has the best of all the world — pop, rap, soul, R&B. Speaking of which, do you know who my top three favorite Freedia soul awards would go to as the best of all time? Patti LaBelle, Patti LaBelle and Patti LaBelle.

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Flash on Big Freedia
Image: Fuse

Love my boy, Flash — rappin’ out those beats and making me proud. The girls love that boy, too: colorful hair, colorful moves, colorful tracks. As you can see with Flash & Skip, I’m always about letting them step up into their own futures and goals and reachin’ for what they love and growin’. They’re my dancers now, yes, but they are my friends more than that and I want to see them go as far as they can reach. I support them 100! When I was their age, I remember my church choir director was so encouraging to me. She always told me I could do what I set my mind to. That had a huge influence on me.

Big Freedia and Nicole
Image: Fuse

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Getting my memoir finally completed and released was one of the most exhausting and rewarding things I’ve ever done. There were so many stories I had to recount with Nicole, my cowriter. Behind the scenes, I cried a lot remembering certain childhood memories with my mom and grandparents I hadn’t thought of in so long. Lots of wonderful memories, too! If you want to know my first crush, the first fling I had, how I got shot and so much more, you can read the book!

Big Freedia's father
Image: Fuse

My dad. Wow, it’s hard to say exactly what I was feeling when I saw him. It’s hard to explain just by looking at that scene, all that was going on in my head, but one thing I know is that I feel healed after reconnecting with him.

Big Freedia's father
Image: Fuse

“Poopy!” Don’t you hate those childhood nicknames you got from parents and uncles and such to tease you? There is one nickname that I don’t mind being called and that’s Queen Diva! You didn’t see our parting words off-camera, but he’s really trying to stay connected to me (and me to him). We need to make up for lost time. My only regret after that conversation was that I didn’t tell him how much I missed him as a little boy when he and my momma split. I talk about it in my book: watching out the window, hoping his truck would roll through.

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