Russell Brand hurls cruel insults at Katy Perry in new documentary (VIDEO)

An upcoming documentary on Russell Brand filmed during his marriage to Katy Perry proves he was already plotting an exit strategy long before he sent that fateful text ending their relationship.

Scenes in the new film Brand: A Second Coming show Brand saying some really crappy things about his then-wife Perry, including how unimportant he thought her lifestyle was and that he already knew the marriage wouldn’t last, despite being married only a few months when it was filmed.

“The stuff in Africa hit me really hard,” he said, referring to his trip to Africa for Comic Relief in the spring of 2010. “I’m associated with the very thing I detest: vapid, vacuous, plastic, constructed, mindless celebrity. That’s the very sea we’re swimming in. ‘Oh, who’s he?’… ‘He’s married to Katy Perry.’”

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He is also shown telling friend Stephen Merchant that he and Perry are not exactly soul mates. “It’s definitely good I’m with someone I love. But it’s not a resolution to anything spiritual…” he said, after a stand-up comedy set in which he ruthlessly mocks his wife.

Later, pal Noel Gallagher of Oasis says he too knew the couple would never last.

“[Russell] calls me up once and says, ‘What happens when she wants to watch a film and I want to watch another film? It’s doing my head in!’ And I was like, ‘Just let her watch the f***ing film.’ I knew at that point this ain’t gonna go much further.”

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Director Ondi Timoner claims Brand threatened her to try to get certain scenes removed, and refused to approve the final edit. She is moving forward with an unauthorized release on Oct. 29, 2015 anyway.

Neither Brand nor Perry have yet commented on the flick.

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