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Jenelle Evans loses one battle to Nathan Griffin after abuse allegations

Fans are relieved to see a happy end to this so-called custody battle.

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was in the doghouse with the reality show’s fans after an episode last year showed her potentially mistreating her dogs. One of those dogs was her ex-boyfriend’s dog, Mugen.

We are now learning that Nathan Griffith has taken back his dog. After a 14-month absence in Ohio, where Griffith was staying with family, Mugen — and Griffith — have returned home, which Griffith after posting a few photos to his Twitter account showing him and the pooch at his home. One captioned, “I think he’s perfectly content now.”

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Another said, “Looks [sic] who lives in my house again!!!”

It was the return to Myrtle Beach that proved to be the most damning part for Evans, potentially confirming the abuse allegations from last year.

A source close to Griffith allegedly told Radar Online, “[Griffith] brought Mugen back from Ohio, but the saddest thing was the dog seemed to get really scared when they got near Myrtle Beach. It was like he remembered being there and hated it.”

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After the infamous episode showing the alleged abuse, Evans apologized for the treatment of the animals, but it appears whatever happened may have had a lasting effect on Mugen.

The insider continued, “In the car [near Evans’ old home], Mugen hid his face in the seat and wouldn’t even look up. It was weird. He was acting really funny.”

Griffith having ownership of the canine doesn’t come as any surprise, though, as the source concluded, “That was Nathan’s dog before he even met Jenelle.”

This source also claims that since Mugen has been back in South Carolina, Evans has not been to see him at all.

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