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Teen Mom‘s Leah Messer sends messages to daughters after losing custody

People are saying it is too little, too late for Leah Messer, but when it comes to your children, trying to do the right thing can never come too late.

At least, that seems to be Messer’s mindset these days. She posted a sweet photo to her Twitter account on Sunday night, showing her twin daughters tucked into bed and their backpacks packed up for the week with sweet notes to each of them.

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The notes read, “My Dearest Aleeah Grace, Mommy hopes you have a great day at school and you give your all! I love you with all of my heart,” and, “My dearest Ali, Mommy hopes you are having [an] amazing day at school! I love you with all my heart!”

Teen Mom fans were quick to question why she is packing her older girls’ things for school when on Oct. 13, Messer lost primary custody of the twins to their father, Corey Simms, following months of battling in court. Other fans were even quicker to point out this was posted on Sunday, and since Messer has custody on the weekend, the girls were most likely with their mother that evening.

On the last season of Teen Mom, fans got to see the nasty accusations fly as Simms and his new wife, Miranda, accused Messer of habitually bringing the girls to school tardy, as well as missing therapy and doctor’s appointments. Cameras were even rolling one night when Messer was feeding her kids dinner after midnight on a school night.

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The loss of custody of her twins is just the latest in a roller-coaster year for Messer. In June, she checked into rehab and finalized her divorce while still in treatment. She also began dating a new man and has allegedly moved in with him, as well.

Fans are not buying the “perfect mommy” post, though. Many are quick to question where was this model behavior while she still had custody of them, and question her motives behind these perfectly posed shots.

And, of course, there is still the question of the youngest daughter’s custody, as people begin to wonder if Messer’s second ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, will fight to gain primary custody of the couple’s youngest daughter, as well.

Do you think Messer is just trying her best? Or is it too little, too late?

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