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Kim Zolciak updates fans on heart surgery with hospital bed selfie (PHOTO)

Kim Zolciak’s health has been the topic of conversation in recent months, and on Tuesday morning, she took to Instagram to update fans on her latest surgery.

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Posing for a selfie from her hospital bed, Zolciak informed fans that she had undergone heart surgery, and the operation was a 100 percent success. She captioned the image with, “My [heart] surgery was a success!! I can’t wait to be back on my feet 100%! Glad it’s over! Quite the whirlwind this last month has been…but such a blessing too #MyFamilyHasBeenAmazing #TheFalconsHaveBeenSoSupportive #GodIsIncredible #Blessed #Grateful #ThankYouToMyDoctorsAndNurses #AmazingTeam.”

On Sept. 23, Zolciak suffered from a ministroke, which forced her to drop out of the Dancing With the Stars competition, but it also came as a blessing in disguise because it helped doctors uncover her genetic condition, which required treatment.

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Zolciak will hopefully be on the mend now, and her fans have sent her messages of support and encouragement. Comments on the picture include, “I didn’t realize you needed surgery, glad all went well!”, “Get better soon mama! Glad your surgery went well!!!”, “You look so beautiful! Speedy recovery!”, and “Best well wishes to you! You look frickin’ gorgeous make up [sic] free!”

Instagram user dmoveup2 shared her own story about heart surgery on the post. She wrote, “I’m so excited to hear that you are going on a speaking tour!! That’s your calling besides being the best wife and mommy. So inspiring. (I’m going to cry) I went thru heart surgery 3 years ago November. I’m stronger than ever and living my dream. God is good. I have the best daughter in the world like you do times 3. Lol. Plus boys!! Lucky. Love you.”

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And fotogrl79 shared words of encouragement, writing, “So glad everything was a success.. who knows how long this would’ve gone on for undetected. #blessingInDisguise So happy your [sic] doing ok & looking fabulous while getting better & stronger day by day.”

We’re glad to hear that Zolciak’s surgery went well, and wish her all the best during her recovery.

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