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Rob Kardashian reportedly makes touching offer to save Lamar Odom’s life

Lamar Odom’s health problems are not over: He is reportedly suffering from kidney failure and has been on dialysis at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

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But help may come in the form of Odom’s brother-in-law, Rob Kardashian, because according to the Daily Mail, he is willing to donate one of his kidney’s to save Odom’s life.

While it’s unclear whether Kardashian and Odom are a match for a kidney transplant, Kardashian is reportedly “willing to do whatever it takes to help Lamar recover,” a source told the publication. “If that means donating a kidney then so be it, Rob has a big heart and he’s willing to step up to help his friend.”

The publication also reports that The Doctors will have a Special Report segment suggesting that Kardashian will offer his kidney to his good friend, Odom — if the transplant becomes necessary.

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Kardashian and Odom were particularly close during his relationship with Khloé, so the reports are not all the surprising, and are really quite touching.

As for Odom, a new report from People magazine detailed that his situation is not looking good right now.

“It’s two steps forward, then a step back, but it does feel like some progress is being made, little by little. There’s still a black cloud, like, ‘Okay, what’s next?'” a source close to the Kardashian family revealed. “The pneumonia was a huge setback, and now there’s worry about permanent scarring of the lungs. His kidneys are still not functioning correctly, but he’s nowhere near strong enough to even think of a transplant, so he’s on dialysis.”

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According to the source, Odom has suffered multiple strokes and is now “responsive, but very slow.”

“He can carry out simple directions, but it takes some time for him to do it,” the source continues. “But that’s way better than he was last week, so the family is taking the good news as they get it. He has wrecked his body, so it’ll take time to figure out how well he can come back. But everyone knows that he’ll never be the same as he was before this happened. There will always be lasting effects, and doctors are just trying to minimize them.”

Do you think Rob Kardashian’s offer to give up an organ for Lamar Odom is touching? Let us know your thoughts about the report in the comments below.

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