RHOC fans disgusted to learn Brooks hit on Briana while she was pregnant

Oct 27, 2015 at 12:16 a.m. ET
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Brooks Ayers was never the most popular guy on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but now the show's fans like him even less. During tonight's portion of the reunion, Briana Culberson gave Vicki Gunvalson a few new reasons to be glad that her relationship with Ayers is officially over.

Culberson was never exactly fond of Ayers, but she made her disdain for him incredibly apparent during her brief appearance on Part 2 of the RHOC reunion. She admitted that her opinion of Ayers had caused some drama in her relationship with her mom, mostly because Gunvalson refused to believe Culberson's awful stories about Ayers. Previously, when Culberson told Gunvalson things she didn't want to hear, she had the pleasure of being called a liar. But now that she's no longer with Ayers, Gunvalson is a bit more willing to hear her daughter's side of the story.

Vicki Briana
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Fans were eager to learn more about the terrible things Ayers did while dating Gunvalson and, thanks to Culberson, they didn't come away disappointed. Culberson told Andy Cohen that Ayers hit on her during Gunvalson's birthday party. As if this wasn't bad enough, Culberson was pregnant when Ayers came on to her. Not only was he enough of a jerk to go after his girlfriend's pregnant daughter, he insulted country fans everywhere by referring to his package as "Girth Brooks."

Ayers was not able to defend himself against Culberson's claims, as a "scheduling conflict" prevented him from showing up for the reunion. However, in an interview segment aired during tonight's episode, Ayers blamed Culberson for his recent breakup.

Briana Culberson
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From Ayers' failure to appear at the reunion to his decision to flirt with the pregnant daughter of his girlfriend, fans found plenty of reasons to bash him on Twitter. Ayers' haters were especially disgusted by his cringe-worthy name for his private parts.The following are just a few of the anti-Ayers tweets that took over social media during Part 2 of the reunion.


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Nobody really needed convincing that Gunvalson's relationship with Ayers was a bad idea, but if anyone was still pro-Ayers after a season full of cancer drama, they certainly aren't after tonight's portion of the RHOC reunion. Further proof of Ayers' unworthiness as a romantic partner is bound to emerge during the reunion's third and final segment, which will air on Sunday at 8 pm EST. Tune in to finally hear more about Ayers' cancer, or lack thereof.

Is Briana Culberson's story about Brooks Ayers proof that Vicki Gunvalson is better off without him? Comment and share your opinion below.