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Fans react to Ruby Rose’s gender-inclusive comments at MTV EMAs

If you’re a longtime watcher of MTV Australia, then Ruby Rose would have been on your radar for a while now. But since she’s joined the cast of Orange Is the New Black, the whole world has been standing up and taking notice.

We could count for days the reasons why we love this gender-neutral, androgynous, goddess of a human being, but she pretty much summed up why we’re so smitten after her hosting gig on the MTV Europe Music Awards this week.

And her opening sentence won us over straight away. We knew then and there that Ruby Rose was going to do us proud. And she did. What were her words? They were simple. All she said, while addressing the crowd for the first time, was: “Ladies and gentleman, and everyone in-between.” Simple but powerful gender-inclusive language that has caused people to show their appreciation all the world over.

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Here’s what some MTV EMA watchers had to say about Ruby Rose and her gender-inclusive commentary.

Some were impressed and needed to give the star props straight off the bat

Others thought the comment deserved a whopping big thank you

One fan couldn’t contain the sudden rush of pure joy

Another drew attention to the fact that we need do a communal blessing of this fine human being

It was also pointed out how long it has taken for someone to finally say it

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Another put it nicely: Ruby is the best!

Others added this to the list of the many reasons we love Ruby

One fan even wanted to be permanently reminded of her powerful words

Another couldn’t contain her deep love for the star

All we know is: We love you Ruby Rose!

Did you watch the MTV EMAs? What did you think of Ruby Rose’s comments? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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