Switched at Birth: 11 Theories about Daphne and Bay's finale cliffhanger

Oct 26, 2015 at 11:29 p.m. ET
Image: ABC Family

How about that for a cliffhanger, Switched at Birth fans? There's a long wait before Season 5, but we've got a few theories on why the girls have to run home from China.

The ABC Family drama took fans on a wild ride in Season 4 and it ended with an even wilder ride during the season finale. Bay's (Vanessa Marano) art show was a sham, Regina's (Constance Marie) boyfriend went on the run again, Kathryn (Lea Thompson) and John's (D.W. Moffett) marriage seemed almost over, Daphne (Katie Leclerc) got offered and lost her dream job and, finally, Toby (Lucas Grabeel) and Lily's (Rachel Shenton) baby boy was born.

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Then the show jumped ahead nearly a year and we saw Daphne and Bay in China and living very different lives when suddenly Bay got a call and she told her "switchster" that they had to go home. Why the sudden need to fly to K.C.? Here are some possible theories.


The baby

Little baby Carlton was as cute as could be in his debut, but considering his challenges, it's not out of the realm of imagination that he could have an issue that would make the sisters want to go home and help out their brother and his new family.

Someone's going to jail

The Kennish/Vasquez family has had their run-ins with the law and this season was no different. Bay's troubles are apparently behind her, but Regina knowingly helped a man kidnap his child and the Kennishes had him under their roof. Ten months is a long time, but it's still possible that something could come of that situation and cause Regina or even John and Kathryn to face legal issues.


Divorce on the horizon

Kathryn did some fine flirting with their old lawyer and she freely admitted that it wasn't all about getting a better price on the car wash. Between that and all the other drama they have faced, plus what could be some tension from having a new grandchild, the couple could be on their way to divorce. If that happens, I could absolutely see Daphne and Bay rushing home to try and stop that from happening.

More money problems

They may have sold the car wash, but who's to say that will handle the Kennishes' money issues? For that matter, Regina could end up in some money trouble herself. The girls seemed to be doing OK in China, but if they found out their family needed their assistance financially, I could see them hopping on a plane to help out.

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Mingo's back in the game

It was hard to tell from what little we saw, but it did seem like Daphne and Mingo's relationship was probably over. But what if Mingo sent a message to Bay and said he couldn't live without Daphne? Would that make Bay grab her sister and drag her home? Stranger things have happened.

Switched at Birth Season 4 Finale - Travis and Bay
Image: ABC Family

Travis' love won't be denied

Travis' (Ryan Lane) confession was probably the most emotional moment for me in the finale. I've always liked him, but I never thought he and Bay would be an item. Even if Bay was in China, Travis could have been in contact with her and maybe they were even trying the long-distance thing. If that's the case, then maybe Bay decided enough was enough and she wanted to go back home to him.


Emmett wants another chance

I know all the "Bemmett" lovers out there were shocked by Travis' confession and heartened by Emmett's (Sean Berdy) apology. As Emmett said, he and Bay have a long history. Maybe theirs is a love that needs to get through a few tough times before they realize they are meant for each other forever. And, just maybe, Bay got a text from Emmett that made her realize she wanted him back again.

A new opportunity arises

In the flash-forward, Bay was doing tattoos. Granted, that is a form of art, but is it really what she wants to do for the rest of her life? It could be that she was called back home for an amazing opportunity concerning her work and wanted her sister along for support.

Medical school

Like Bay, Daphne was doing something that closely resembled her dream — even if it wasn't quite it. Maybe Bay's phone rang with a call that said that Daphne had gotten an opportunity to get into a medical school or another program that would bring her closer to getting into a school. That would have sent the girls running home for sure.


Disaster with Regina

Regina hasn't had the best luck recently, either in love or in business. While I would hope that she might be living a happy life while the girls are away, history has taught us that it's just as likely that something has gone terribly awry. If so, both her daughters would want to be there for her, whatever it was.

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An unknown factor

So far, I've theorized about people the girls know, but with a whole 10 months having gone by, what if there's a new player in town? Could it be that the mysterious phone call and race back home has to do with a person we haven't met yet? If so, who could this person be and what kind of help would they need that it would send the girls back home from China? That's an interesting question to contemplate while we all wait for the show to return in 2016.

Why do you think Daphne and Bay have to leave China in the Switched at Birth Season 4 finale?