Ladies of London fans shocked by Annabelle’s behavior

So far this season on Ladies of London, Annabelle Neilson’s been lying low, for the most part. On Monday’s episode, though, she surprised her fellow ladies, and fans, with some thoroughly ridiculous behavior.

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Poor Caroline Fleming. All she wanted was to bring the ladies to Denmark for a lovely, drama-free weekend, but unfortunately, of course, it was not to be. The shocking part, though, was the source of the drama — Annabelle. So far this season, Annabelle’s been rather quiet, mainly giving advice to Julie about how to handle Caroline Stanbury. Julie interviews that Annabelle’s been out of the loop lately, and she’s not sure what’s up.

Annabelle’s behavior starts to grate on the ladies early on in this episode, when she’s very late to the airport. Things get even more untoward when she lags behind the group on a shopping trip and then lays into Julie for going to the coffee shop instead of to the furrier, because she doesn’t wear fur.

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It’s at dinner when Annabelle really lets it all hang out. She decides to call out each of her friends’ less than charming qualities and essentially tells the ladies what she’s been thinking about them all season. Fans found this behavior unsettling and hypocritical, to say the least.

It would be sad if Annabelle and Julie’s friendship were a casualty of this ill-fated weekend, but as of now, it doesn’t seem as though Annabelle is that concerned about it. Her frustration has been building all season (and, honestly, probably through all of Season 1), and she’s going to let it out, even if it ruins a fancy dinner and her relationships.

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What did you think of Annabelle’s behavior this week? Were you surprised? Do you think her friendship with Julie is over?