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Fans aren’t buying Kristen Taekman’s reason for leaving RHONY

Kristen Taekman is saying, “So long!”

She was only on The Real Housewives of New York cast for two short seasons, but those two seasons were enough time for her to realize she would rather focus on her family (or so she says) than pursue reality star fame.

Taekman confirmed to Us Weekly she would be saying goodbye to the reality TV show life.

“My experience during my time on RHONY was fantastic and I made some great new friends,” she said in her statement. “At this time in my life, I have decided to concentrate on my family and my new business ventures Pop of Color nail polish and Last Night’s Look, my fashion blog. I will remain a Housewife and part of an amazing franchise forever, and that is what is important.”

Taekman joined the cast for Seasons 6 and 7, but along with Heather Thomson, she will taking her leave.

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And fans can’t see that door close behind her fast enough.

No one is buying her exit is for her nail-polish line or her blog. There are two major theories regarding Taekman’s exit. The first is that she is the most boring Housewife that has ever been on the show and was thus forced off.

As one person pointed out in the comments section of the Us Weekly article confirming her exit, “Haha nice that Bravo lets them claim they quit when we all know they got fired. Can imagine powerbottom Andy himself calls them and gives them the option to say they left of their own free will. Just to make it look better for them. No way in hell did she choose to leave she has nothing else and she wanted the platform for her tacky new product.”

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The second theory, which I have to say makes the most sense to me, is that she didn’t want to live out her marital drama onscreen, and who can blame her.

Another commenter had this to say. “Let’s be honest, her husband embarrassed her and she doesn’t want to rehash it on TV. I am not saying I blame her but that’s really the reason. The whole next season story line for her would be that and I doubt she wants to deal with it.”

And there is clearly no love lost with this Housewives fan: “Someone doesn’t want to be in the kitchen when things get hot! Please girl! We all know exactly why you are leaving the franchise. You don’t want to explain WHY you have not left your creepy, cheating husband yet and rehash the whole Ashley Madison thing on TV. Bye Felicia!”

Whatever the real reason — be it nail polish and blogging or a cheating husband — fans are pretty thrilled to see Taekman leave the show.

Why do you think Taekman is leaving?

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