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Teen Mom‘s Jenelle Evans receives cruel, unnecessary message from her ex

Nathan Griffith has moved on since his split from Teen Mom‘s Jenelle Evans, but that doesn’t mean he thinks it’s OK for his ex-fiancée to do the same.

According to a friend of the couple, Griffith wanted both himself and Evans to stay single for a while after their split — but although he went against his own wishes and started dating someone, he was furious when she did the same.

Radar Online obtained a voice mail Griffith left for Evans about her new boyfriend David Eason, and it was downright nasty. Listen for yourself.

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“Nathan wanted both him and Jenelle to remain single,” the source told Radar Online, explaining that despite this wish, he was seeing someone.

“He was still seeing Jessica, but at the same time he was calling Jenelle, arguing and telling her that he wasn’t dating Jessica, that they were just friends.

“Nathan called Jenelle to try and tell her that she lied about ‘staying single,'” the source said. “But Jenelle had already told him, ‘What does it matter?’ and that she had already moved on.”

This is the new boyfriend, by the way.

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Griffiths has been very busy loading up his Twitter account with photos purporting to show what an amazing father he is and how much he loves his kids.

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Here’s a tip: The first thing any parent can do to show kids that they are loved is to treat the other parent with respect — and that means not leaving nasty voice mails, and not selling those voice mails to tabloids. Someone sold that recording, and it wasn’t Griffith, so that leaves only one other person.

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