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7 Times the Supergirl premiere set up Alex to be Kara’s biggest enemy

In Monday night’s highly anticipated, action-packed kickoff of CBSSupergirl, we were quickly introduced to a host of characters, including Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl), Winn Schott (Kara’s lovable coworker), Cat Grant (the domineering boss) and James Olsen (the hottie-hot-hot-hot photographer).

James Olsen meets Kara in Supergirl
Image: Giphy

While we’re automatically drawn to the possibilities in all of Kara’s relationships — will she hook up with James? Will Winn’s crush develop into love? Will Cat continue to obliterate Kara’s spirits at work? — the most interesting dynamic lies between Kara and her foster sister, Alex Danvers.

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On the surface, Alex seems to be an overprotective — yet loving — sibling who is only watching out for her sister’s well-being. But if you look a little closer, there are totally clues that Alex’s allegiance to Kara has the potential to go awry at any moment.

1. Watching from the window

Alex in Supergirl
Image: CBS

When we first meet Alex, she’s a child watching from the window as Superman delivers Kara to her new foster family. Alex staring down at Kara from afar through the curtains seems pretty ominous in terms of what’s to come.

Let’s also take a moment to pause here and appreciate the fact Dean Cain, who starred as Superman in the ’90s series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, has a cameo as Kara’s foster father.

Dean Cain in Superman
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2. Alex’s demeanor while helping Kara pick out clothes for her date

Alex in Supergirl
Image: CBS

Is it chilly in here? Yes, Alex is being sisterly by helping Kara pick out the perfect blue blouse — it is her signature color, after all — to go on her blind date, but she seems cold, uninterested and in a total rush to get to Geneva. We later learn the Geneva trip is for important business, but still, Alex’s vibe when she’s in Kara’s apartment is just plain bad. Not to mention, Alex is completely discouraging Kara from fulfilling her destiny throughout the entire scene.

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3. Her reaction to Kara saving her

Alex in Supergirl
Image: Giphy

It’s safe to say that after Kara saves her, Alex is not only ungrateful, she’s straight-up pissed. She seems completely unfazed that she had just narrowly escaped a fiery death and just berates Kara for exposing herself. Never once does she acknowledge Kara’s excitement or the fact that she would be dead if Kara hadn’t come to her rescue. She is only concerned that the world now knows of Supergirl and her powers.

Alex’s words say, “I’m only trying to protect you,” but everything else in her demeanor screams, “I will destroy you.” She yells, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” as she storms out.

Also, when we see her as the plane is about to crash, she looks a bit worried — but does she really? It’s a bit odd that she seems so cool with the near-disaster, even like she might have known about it beforehand.

4. Her DEO involvement

Image: Giphy

Side-eye, much? Halfway through the premiere, we learn that Alex has secretly been working as an agent for the DEO — the Department of Extra-Normal Operations — which monitors and protects Earth from extraterrestrial presence and/or invasion.

Her involvement with the agency is obviously not a coincidence. Did she join because of a lifelong jealousy of Kara and Kal-El’s powers? If so, the deep-seated feelings are sure to serve as a great motivator to bring Supergirl down, no matter what.

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5. She shot her with Kryptonite

OK, maybe Alex didn’t directly shoot Kara with Kryptonite, but she definitely didn’t stand in the way of her coworkers at the DEO. Kara was a novice at flying at that point; if Alex was truly concerned for her sister’s safety, as she asserted numerous times, it seems like she would have had some qualms about shooting her down midair.

6. The jealousy speech

“Before you came to live with us, I was the star,” Alex says to Kara, finally trying to convince her to use her powers. “But how could I compete with you, with someone who could touch the stars? I was happy when you decided not to use your powers. You feeling like less somehow made me feel like more. Now the world needs you to fly, Kara.”

Alex has warmed up to the idea that it’s OK for Kara to be the star of the family and understands the importance of Kara realizing her potential. However, she’s also revealing just how intense her previously mentioned deep-seated jealousy issues with her foster sister really are.

Alex may be on Kara’s side for now, but will her jealousy come back and get the best of her?

7. Alex knew all along about the Fort Rozz escapees

Kara may just be learning about the dangerous Fort Rozz escapees, whom she accidentally brought with her to Earth, but it’s obvious Alex has known for quite some time. Alex was also well aware that they have a vendetta against Kara, because her mother was the judge who sentenced them to jail.

“They will do anything to get revenge on your mother and the only way that they can do that now is to hurt you,” Alex warns. But why has she waited until now to reveal what she knows? It seems like if a gang of alien felons were kicking around Earth, waiting for the right moment to pounce on her sister, Alex would have given Kara a warning a bit sooner.

The jig is up now so, of course, Alex has to come clean about her knowledge. Why was she hiding it before?

There are, however, moments throughout the premiere when Alex seems genuinely caring towards Kara and the look on her face is one of real concern. It’s human to feel like you don’t measure up to a sibling, so maybe she is willing to let go of the jealousy to bond further with Kara.

She also came to Kara’s rescue when Vartox was about to kill her, so there’s still a possibility that Alex will remain a powerful ally for Supergirl.

What do you think? Is Alex a Supergirl friend or foe?

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