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Khloé Kardashian has enough of the insults & rude comments over her divorce

If there’s one thing Khloé Kardashian doesn’t need right now, it’s people calling her an idiot for getting back together with Lamar Odom. Being that she chooses to live her life publicly, it’s no surprise that everyone has their two cents about the matter, but really? Now? Let’s cut the woman a little slack for a bit, no?

Everyone and no one was surprised after Kardashian called off her divorce from Odom last week. Being that she completely put her life on hold and hasn’t left his side since he overdosed at a Nevada brothel, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that she’s still in love with him. However, when it was made public that she had her attorney appear before a judge to have their divorce proceedings withdrawn, the world (read: Twitter) acted as if it was announced that Kardashian was pregnant with Odom’s child.

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Understandably, Kardashian has had just about enough of the comments, blog posts and remarks that are more or less calling her an idiot for getting back with Odom, who, let’s be real here, hasn’t exactly been an exemplary partner. But Kardashian stands by the fact that she knows what she’s doing, thankyouverymuch, and she’s sick of everyone telling her otherwise.

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According to TMZ, Kardashian is getting seriously annoyed with people who are calling her naïve for dropping the divorce, since she’s more familiar with Odom’s battle with drugs than anyone. She reportedly wants to be there to help him, and supposedly, if Odom so much as thinks about drugs again, she’s going to continue with the divorce proceedings.

In other words, she’s got this.

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However, despite the fact that Kardashian seems to be confident in her decision, seeing some of the rude comments has to sting. Here are some not-so-nice tweets directed at Kardashian and Odom:

James Woods. Okaaaay.

I could go on, but you get the picture, right? Imagine having to deal with this when someone you love almost died, and all you want to do is help him. It’s so sad, and must be so hard for Kardashian right now.

Of course, I would be lying if I said that I thought that Kardashian was 100 percent making the right decision right now. This is an incredibly fragile time, fraught with emotion. Who knows if Kardashian — and Odom — are completely in the right mindset to make the best decisions for themselves? But who are we to judge? Yes, the Kardashians’ lives are open books, there for us to devour, but this is an exceptional situation and fact is, we’re not the ones in the hospital room with Kardashian and Odom. If they get back together and it doesn’t work out, what do people have to gain by writing such hurtful things? The right to say, “I told you so”? Is that really worth it?

Bottom line: What Kardashian is doing right now is admirable. She’s helping someone out in their time of need. Wouldn’t we all do that? Perhaps her decision to call off her divorce is a bit rash, but at the end of the day, she’s a grown woman and she shouldn’t have to defend her decisions.

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What do you think of Kardashian and Odom calling off their divorce?

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