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Lance Bass reveals there are secrets about Lamar Odom’s overdose

Lance Bass told reporters on Saturday that there is more to Lamar Odom’s overdose story than we know.

Bass, who is a Kardashian family friend, explained, “I think we’re really going to see what went down eventually. And I think there [are] going to be a lot of people in trouble.”

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Though Bass didn’t specify who, exactly, would face repercussions, we’re thinking it might be Love Ranch brothel owner Dennis Hof, who has been outspoken with the media since Odom overdosed at his establishment in Las Vegas, despite requests from Khloé Kardashian’s representatives that he stop.

Most recently, Hof reportedly said that his prostitutes weren’t the ones pushing Odom to do drugs, according to TMZ.

Hof clearly doesn’t want to be considered liable for Odom’s critical overdose, but is Bass suggesting that that’s far from the case? As Bass said to reporters, the truth will be revealed eventually.

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Bass also praised the Kardashians for their actions during Odom’s time of need.

“I was just over at Kris’ house the other day, and, I mean, they put their lives on hold,” Bass said. “I give it up to those girls. Love them or hate them, they really stepped up to the plate and saved his life.”

Bass thinks that if Odom makes a fully recovery from his injuries, he will come out on top better than ever.

“If he makes it and he comes out of this, he’s going to change a lot of lives out there and save a lot of lives. I have a feeling he’s going to really stay clean and really spread the message of living a sober life.”

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And there’s definitely hope for a future between Kardashian and Odom, if Bass has anything to say about it.

“I think when anybody goes through some tragedy like that, it’s going to bring you closer, and you could always tell that she was so madly in love with him this whole time, but he had this problem.”

Do you think Bass was referring to Hof when alluding to the truth about Odom’s overdose being revealed?

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