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Manzo’d leaves fans in tears with touching Al and Lauren moment (VIDEO)

Lauren Manzo may occasionally be a drama queen, but it’s clear that she adores her fellow Manzo’d with Children stars. Her love for her family was especially evident during last night’s episode, when she and her dad shared a very touching moment.

Although Lauren has technically been an adult for nearly a decade, Al is still having a hard time watching her grow up. He hasn’t fully come to terms with the fact that, from now on, Vito Scalia will be the main man in Lauren’s life. But while Lauren is eventually bound to flee the nest and find her happily ever after with Vito, she’ll always be a daddy’s girl.

Al and Lauren Manzo
Image: Bravo

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During last night’s episode of Manzo’d with Children, fans of the Manzo family once again witnessed the close relationship between Al and Lauren. This relationship is, in many ways, a financial one, as Lauren receives an array of gifts from Al and enjoys full access to his credit card. Or, as Caroline puts it, “Al is a man of very few words. He shows his appreciation by doing and not by speaking.” Replace “doing” with “spending,” and you have Caroline’s most accurate statement of the night.

Never one to shy away from spending money on his daughter, Al bought Lauren a Cartier love bracelet. This particular piece of jewelry has received both praise and criticism for its locking feature, which involves the gift giver locking the bracelet on the giftee’s wrist.

The beautiful bracelet wasn’t exactly a surprise for Lauren — Caroline admitted that her daughter had wanted it for a long, long time. However, she definitely appreciated the gesture, as did several very jealous fans.

Al Manzo'd Gift
Image: Bravo

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Even without the constant cash and gifts, Lauren would still love her dad, as she made clear when she offered to return Al’s credit card. Her chief reason for giving it back was, perhaps, a bit problematic: she explained that, from now on, Vito would be taking care of her. Evidently, Al couldn’t stand the thought of a financially independent Lauren, because he insisted that she take back the card, just in case.

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Despite the occasional awkwardness surrounding Lauren and Al’s financial setup, fans raved about the many father-daughter moments on Manzo’d with Children. Several responded with very emotional tweets.

Lauren may be taking the next step in her life with Vito, but she and her dad will always be close. This is good news for Vito, who may eventually tire of catering to his wife’s every overpriced whim.

What did you think of the father-daughter moments featured on tonight’s episode of Manzo’d with Children? Comment and share your opinion below.

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