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Jessa Duggar slammed for ‘close-minded’ views about happiness and religion

Jessa Duggar and her family have conservative evangelical Christian beliefs. Their religion is a topic that has caused plenty of controversy over the years — and Jessa’s latest post is no exception.

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Taking to Instagram on Sunday, Duggar shared a picture and quote of/from A.W. Tozer, a well-know Christian author. The quote read, “Trying to be happy without a sense of God’s presence is like trying to have a bright day without the sun.”

Duggar declined to caption the post, but the quote has sparked controversy, and critics have slammed Duggar for her “close-minded” views.

“Sad you’re so close minded to see that people can be happy without. Whatever brings you comfort is fine, but you don’t have to look down on others who find happiness differently from you. I don’t believe in a higher power however I find happiness in my children, husband and the joy they provide me,” gabbygoo82 wrote.

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“That sounds rude, forgive me. I just feel there are beautiful things on this planet that are made only because the sun does not touch them!” dimplemeier shared.

And there were other critics who told Duggar not to determine other’s happiness based solely on her religion.

“I’m an atheist and perfectly happy about it. You can be happy with or without a deity in your life. No hate but you should know that is not an accurate statement,” singinfalcon721 wrote.

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Instagram user kass.sweet also penned their thoughts: “Being happy is just being happy. Your religion has nothing to do with finding happiness within your life..your perspective on life does.” And eliza__stracey shared similar thoughts, writing, “Don’t define other people’s happiness based on your beliefs.”

Duggar is entitled to her own opinions, and anyone who follows her will know her stance on religion and God. But is she polarizing fans with her posts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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