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Quantico: Why Simon could still totally be the terrorist

Tonight’s episode of Quantico was so full of truth and sex that we almost don’t know how to process everything. So let’s begin with that super shady, faux-glasses-wearing Quantico burnout turned secret agent, Simon Asher.

All season long, Simon’s been at the top of our list of terror suspects due to suspicious behavior like pretending to be gay, wearing glasses he doesn’t need and spending a mysterious amount of time in the Middle East…

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Not to mention the fact that we’ve seen him flip from helping Parrish, to secretly working with the FBI to bring her in, and then back to helping Parrish again.

And then tonight, we learned that he’s also highly trained in hand-to-hand combat, and an former member of the Israeli Defense Forces — which is supposed to excuse all his weirdness and make us empathize with him en mass…

But what if it’s all just more of the facade?

Simon has been lying since the first moment he stepped on screen, so why should we believe anything he says now? His confession about doing horrible things as part of the Israeli Defense Forces was certainly hard won — the highly aggressive analyst Elias has been riding Simon for weeks in search of the truth. So, when he caught Simon red-handed with his non-boyfriend, Max, Simon really had no other alternative than to confess.

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And his confession seemed really heartfelt.

But at some point, don’t we have to wonder if Simon even knows what the truth is? For someone who is oh-so-very good at pretending, couldn’t he still be pretending?

If Simon is the terrorist, it would be in his best interest to keep Parrish in the wind. Teaming up with Booth to “protect” her would also keep Simon in a position to know where Parrish is at all times, while building up his image with Booth as a “good guy.”

All of this could be getting missed by Booth, who is still totally in love with Parrish — no matter what he tells everyone else — because the more allies he thinks he has, the more likely he is to think he’ll be able to keep Parrish safe and win back her heart.

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(Yeah, we saw the steam coming off Parrish and Booth’s undercover opp under the covers. No matter what happens with Simon, we can’t help but hope those two get to spend more time alone together again soon.)

So I’m not ruling Simon out yet, because if he’s proved anything, it’s that he’s a sneaky, sneaky man of many mysteries, and while we may have just learned more about his past, we still don’t know anything about his motives.

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