8 Reasons ABC’s Blood and Oil shouldn’t be canceled

ABC ordered Blood & Oil‘s premiere season cut short from 13 to 10 episodes after poor ratings became a sore spot for the network’s Sunday lineup. But we’re not ready to give up on the soapy drama just yet.

1. It’s action-packed

Blood & Oil falls into the vein of Mistresses and Revenge. You don’t watch it because it’s high concept. You watch it for the juicy, sexy storylines.

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2. Sure, it had a rough beginning

The beginning of the season was rougher than expected, let’s be real. But given that the show had a change in showrunners a few days before the premiere and a lot of casting issues, it’s no wonder everything felt so last minute. Now that the season has gotten its bearings, the potential is definitely there for the show to get really good.

3. The unanswered questions

There are too many issues the show has brought up to only have 10 episodes to resolve everything. Will Billy and Cody live happily ever after? Who will Jules chose? Will Wick find redemption? Will someone finally bring Hap down?

4. It looks like a movie

The show is shot beautifully. As is the case with many TV shows these days, it feels like you’re watching a movie rather than a network drama. The landscape and the sets are all gorgeous and definitely Pinterest-worthy.

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5. It’s unpredictable

The show is all about relationships, whether they be romantic, familial or friendly, and this early on in the show, none of the alliances are final, even if characters are married.

6. Chace Crawford is not to be missed

We have missed seeing Crawford’s face involved in some good gossipy drama. Plus, he’s only gotten better with age, and we aren’t ready to have him missing from our lives again so soon. His looks aside, he’s also really talented, and he’s proving his acting ability with his role on Blood & Oil.

7. Because Revenge is gone

Let’s be real, it was time for Revenge to wrap up the show, but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss it. And Blood & Oil fills that void with a whole new host of characters that have a whole ton of secrets we want to unravel.

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8. The uniqueness

Though shows like Dallas have followed a similar pattern, Blood & Oil is the first storyline of its kind. There is such an interesting variety of characters within the oil business the show sets up that it would be a shame not to continue to explore it further.

Do you think ABC should cancel Blood & Oil for good?