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The Walking Dead‘s Glenn just bit the dust — or did he? (POLL)

Deep breaths, friends, deep breaths. Did The Walking Dead seemingly just kill off one of our favorite characters? I’ll be the first to admit it doesn’t look good for our hero. However, since I am stubborn and simply refuse to say goodbye to (spoiler alert!) Glenn, here is some evidence to the contrary.

In full disclosure, I do realize Glenn surviving the marauding mob of walkers closing in on him would be a virtual miracle. But, listen, this is TV, and we all know anything is possible. Besides, it’s a little early in the season to kill off one of The Walking Dead‘s original five stars — especially when that star is Glenn, played spectacularly by Steven Yeun. Right? Right?

Obviously, I’m not the only one freaking out about this.

So, in the spirit of hope and/or blind optimism, let’s take a look at seven reasons to believe Glenn manages to escape (I even have a theory about how).

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1. It could be Nicholas’ intestines

The Walking Dead
Image: AMC

I never thought I’d be happy to see anyone getting their intestines eaten by a herd of the undead during the zombie apocalypse, but if it means Glenn survives, I’ll be overjoyed to discover the walkers were actually eviscerating Nicholas (played by Michael Traynor). After all, he was already dead. And since the cameras never actually pan out enough for us to tell, it is entirely plausible Glenn is watching in horror from beneath the now half-masticated body of Nicholas.

2. Yeun didn’t appear on The Talking Dead… in any form

First of all, if you aren’t watching this follow-up to TWD hosted by Chris Hardwick, please do — you won’t regret it. Second, every single major character who has been killed off has shown up on Hardwick’s TTD couch after the episode featuring his or her demise. It’s also worth noting that in the typical in memoriam segment on the show, Glenn’s death was not included. While Hardwick warned fans not to read too much into the fact Yeun/Glenn isn’t there, it still seems telling.

3. This doesn’t line up with the comic timeline

It’s true that AMC hasn’t followed every detail in Robert Kirkman’s comics from which the series is based, but they tend to stick pretty close. In the comics, Glenn (spoiler, and a sucky one at that) is executed by the next big villain the group comes across, Negan. Supposedly, this villain will be introduced in this season’s finale, so Glenn’s death now would definitely be jumping the gun.

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4. He deserves better, and so does Maggie

The Walking Dead
Image: Gene Page/AMC

If you’re going to send Glenn out, you better do it in a blaze of glory — he deserves that much. He is a character who has helped drive this series and, in many cases, furthered the team at peril to himself. If he really did die tonight, it was certainly an unceremonious death… and that just can’t stand. Without so much as a goodbye to Maggie? I don’t think so.

5. David’s death and Glenn’s death are too similar

On TTD, it is suggested that the death of David — an Alexandria native who shares with Michonne the sweet way he met his wife shortly before being bitten and, later, eaten — was in some way foreshadowing Glenn’s death. David wrote a note to his wife, because he knew he was dying. So, it is suggested that this was meant as a juxtaposition to Glenn, who didn’t get a chance to write a letter to Maggie. Two problems with this idea, though: No. 1, Glenn did take a minute before accepting this mission to pull out Hershel’s watch, etc., and No. 2, David’s wife, Betsy, never gets the note. It doesn’t seem likely they’d kill off two characters with such similar situations in such a similar fashion in the same episode.

6. IMDB tells us it isn’t so

Producers had Hardwick read a statement on TTD about how the story of Glenn’s death is a hard one to tell, and how we will see some version or parts of Glenn in the future to finish out the story. But you know what? I’m calling BS. I think they are just toying with our emotions. (At least that’s what I’m telling myself so I can sleep tonight. Well, that and taking some Benadryl.) A cursory glance at IMDB shows that Steven Yeun is credited on the show through this season’s finale episode — same as Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick.

7. He could have hidden

The Walking Dead
Image: AMC

Where, you ask? Where could Glenn possibly have fled from the throngs of intestine-gobbling zombies descending on him? Beneath the dumpster, you guys. It’s right there. And it’s big, relatively immovable and could give Glenn just enough space to defend himself until someone (anyone, please) comes along and rescues him. Perhaps Enid, who has a guilty conscience about leading the Wolves to Alexandria? Or maybe Morgan. After all, he looks to be getting an inexplicably long arc next week.

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