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Sister Wives’ fans distracted by Meri Brown’s catfishing details

Sunday’s Sister Wives episode brought the long-awaited decision by a judge regarding the adoption of Robyn’s children by Kody, but fans’ attention was concentrated in a different direction — Meri’s catfishing scandal.

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Sister Wives and various children at the zoo
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There was a lot happening on this week’s episode of Sister Wives: Maddie Brown announced her engagement, Christine tried to explain the changing family dynamic to Truely with dolls (she understood it already), and the Browns went to court to get a final decision about the adoption, which was approved in a shocking non-upset. Through it all, though, the show’s Twitter hashtag was full of folks intrigued by Meri’s catfishing scandal (especially in scenes when she’s sitting at her computer), which has been blowing up the Internet, although it has yet to be talked about on the show.

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The fact that the catfishing has been all over the place lately probably doesn’t help, but more than likely, fans are tired of the Robyn/Kody/Meri adoption and divorce drama that’s consumed this season so far and are primed for something new.

It’s not just Meri’s scandal that viewers would like to see more of, but anything about Christine and Janelle, like what their daily lives look like, what’s up with the other Brown kids or how it’s going for Janelle and Meri in therapy (if they’re actually in therapy). The adoption has been approved, so it’s possible that this storyline has run its course, for the sake of the Browns and the Sister Wives audience.

Browns' commitment ceremony
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Are you over the adoption and divorce storyline? Do you want Meri’s catfishing scandal to be explored next? If not, what do you want to see?

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