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Hank Baskett walks out on Kendra Wilkinson: Is this the end?

Kendra on Top served up major drama last week, but surprisingly, it wasn’t between Kendra Wilkinson and hubby Hank Baskett. Rather, the couple finally seemed to be back on the same page. Unfortunately, the tumultuous duo made up for it tonight — and then some.

Time to sync the Google calendars, guys

At first, life in the Wikinson household seems idyllic. Wilkinson is in the couple’s swimming pool, paddling around with their kids, Little Hank and Alijah (both of whom are impossibly adorable). Baskett arrives home, and before he grabs some swim trunks, he and Wilkinson touch base about his upcoming business trip and the ladies’ night she has planned.

But there’s a hitch: Her ladies’ night just so happens to fall on the same evening Baskett has to leave town for a big business meeting. This does not sit well with Wilkinson, who tells the camera, “Hank’s timing of his business trip couldn’t be worse. I’m about to burst. I need my girl time, and I need it now.”

On the big night, Jessica Hall (the bestie we all covet) shows up to grab Wilkinson, at which point Baskett stresses to both women that he absolutely, positively, no-holds-barred cannot miss his 2:30 a.m. flight.

This is obviously very important.

However, it seems pretty clear when Wilkinson arrives at the hotel where she has booked a penthouse suite that the evening is going to get wild. Hall, Wilkinson and their friends Adrian and JoJo are all in dire need of some time out of the house and with each other.

When moms go wild

“Jessica, Adrian and I are moms, and all we think about are our kids,” says Wilkinson. “Tonight is going to be a little different — we’re going to think about us.”

And, you know, I get it. As a mother of two small children like Wilkinson, I don’t just like to have the occasional night out with my girlfriends, I need it. My husband knows that barring an emergency with the kids or a natural disaster, he should not call me during ladies’ night. That’s my special time.

But things start to get a bit dicey when a couple of extremely attractive and well-sculpted men enter the pool deck where the ladies are lounging.

Wilkinson and Adrian soon strike up a conversation with the guys, which leads to the ladies inviting “Black Superman” and his friend out on the town that night. Hall, because she is the sweetest thing ever, tries to remind Wilkinson about Baskett’s flight out.

Wilkinson’s having none of it, though. “Oh, you buzz kill. Shut up, you buzz kill,” she tells Hall. So plans proceed, and Wilkinson is feeling high on life. “These guys are making me feel young again, and it’s hot,” she tells the camera.

Again, something I empathize with — to a degree. Once you have children and you hit 30, it can be hard not to let insecurities creep in. The empowered woman in you knows you’re being silly, yet it’s the kind of nagging feeling that doesn’t respond to logic. Having said that, for me, just getting dressed up and going out with my girls does the trick. We invariably always get some attention from men, which we politely acknowledge… from afar.

Wilkinson can’t help herself, though, and she ignores phone calls from Baskett in favor of conversations about fellatio with “Black Superman.” This cannot end well.

The married woman’s walk of shame

Around 2 a.m., Baskett finally caves and calls Hall’s husband, Kyle, who immediately texts Hall that she and Wilkinson need to head home. When Wilkinson walks into the dimly lit living room, Baskett is sitting on the couch waiting — and he is pissed, y’all.

The next episode kicks off with Wilkinson making a halfhearted attempt at an apology to Baskett. Let’s be real: She was totally making excuses for herself. I could see it, you could see it and Baskett could definitely see it. He tells her she has to decide whether she wants to be married to him or not, and he storms out the door to catch a red-eye to Seattle.

The next day, Baskett still isn’t responding to Wilkinson’s calls and texts, so Hall comes over to help Wilkinson sort through her feelings. “Do you want to be married still?” Hall asks, and Wilkinson lingers a little too long.

When Baskett hasn’t reached out by the next day, Wilkinson’s anxiety has piqued. She calls an emergency session with her therapist.

There, Wilkinson struggles with the same cycle of doubt. She loves Baskett, but he hurt her. Can she trust him? Will they ever not have drama? She isn’t sure it’s worth the fight. Her hall pass for bad behavior is officially over, the therapist points out, so Wilkinson is going to have to make a decision.

Taking a chance (and flight) for love

Soon, a call from Eric (aka Grand-dude) puts things into perspective. “You’ve got to make a decision to either pull your family back together, or go the other way,” he tells Wilkinson, “and I think you’d be absolutely crazy to go the other way.”

Aw, love him! Can he and Hall get spinoff shows, please and thank you?

So, under Eric’s tutelage, Wilkinson hops a flight to Seattle to surprise her husband. Once there, she is flooded with happy memories of the day they got engaged (“the happiest day of my entire life”) and their love pre-scandal.

Through this fog of nostalgia, Wilkinson gains clarity — she loves Baskett and wants to make this work. She opens the door of his office building and basically walks smack dab into a meeting. To which Baskett responds, “What the heck are you doing here?”

Oh, boy. I’m willing to bet that wasn’t the reception she was aiming for. Here’s hoping next week sees these two coming back together.

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