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Adopt-A-Dog Month: 7 Books that’ll make you want to bring a pup home

Dogs are more than just our best friends; they’re part of our families. Whether you can’t get enough of your little buddy or you’re looking for a love story with a furry little twist, you’ll be chasing your tail in anticipation for these sweet, hilarious and heartwarming stories of the bonds between man and dog.

Put a Ring On It: Black Dog Bay Novel

by Beth Kendrick

Put a Ring on It book cover
Image: Amazon

You’ll have to pick up a copy of this adorable story to find out where the dog comes in. When her fiancé calls to tell her he’s just married another woman — it was love at first sight, after all — Brighton Smith snaps. An insurance actuary, Brighton has spent her entire life avoiding risks and bad investments. But when she meets ridiculously attractive Jake Sorensen that night at a bar, Brighton decides that for once she doesn’t want to play it safe. By midnight, they’re kissing. By sunrise, they’re being married in a drive-through chapel. Brighton knows her new whirlwind romance isn’t a safe bet and that the odds are stacked against them, but if she and Jake are going to be the one-in-a-million love affair that lasts, Brighton will have to decide between playing it safe or taking a leap of faith.

Sit! Stay! Speak!
by Annie England Noblin

Sit! Stay! Speak! book cover
Image: Amazon

Animals aren’t the only strays that need a loving, stable home. Addie Andrews is back to living in her aunt’s rather dilapidated home, surrounded by her old childhood memories, after fleeing the aftermath of a tragedy in Chicago. But the tiny town of Eunice, Arkansas, isn’t as boring as she originally thought. Addie’s elderly neighbor regularly dances in his underwear outside, her best friend’s son seems to be able to predict the weather, and the town’s drug lord has a huge grudge against her. Then there’s the dog, the scruffy abandoned puppy she found who is desperately in need of some tender love and care, just like Addie. It isn’t long before Addie discovers that hiding from the world is no longer an option and that returning to her roots may be the first step to really living again.

House Trained

by Jackie Bouchard

House Trained book cover
Image: Amazon

Sometimes, a dog really is your better half. Alex Halstad is an interior designer, perfectionist, wife and mother to her beloved labradoodle, Marie. Life is good. Or at least that’s what Alex thinks, until she and her husband, Barry, get the shock of a lifetime when the daughter Barry never knew he had shows up on the couple’s doormat… with her own infant daughter. With the girls’ arrival, Alex’s perfectly structured life begins to unravel, and she suddenly finds herself on the verge of losing her steady routine, her business and her marriage. The one constant in her life becomes her dog, but will Marie be able to teach Alex the truth about acceptance and love?

Unleashed: A Kate Turner, DVM Mystery

by Eileen Brady

Unleashed book cover
Image: Amazon

We’re scratching at the door to read the newest installment of the Kate Turner DVM series. Relief veterinarian Dr. Kate Turner loves her house-call practice and life in upstate New York… until her client Claire Birnham is found dead. The police say it was a suicide, but Kate knew Claire had everything to live for: her art, her job, her great apartment and her beloved Cairn terrier, Toto, to whom she was completely devoted. Unable to picture Claire abandoning Toto, Kate will uncover secrets and risk her life to get to the bottom of Claire’s death.

Top Dog: The Story of Marine Hero Lucca

by Maria Goodavage

Top Dog book cover
Image: Amazon

This is the true story of Lucca K458, a skilled and decorated military dog who served alongside her handlers, Chris Willingham and Juan Rodriguez, in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Lucca was one of the most sought-after specialized search dogs, taking her on lifesaving adventures alongside her brave handlers and other dogs to sniff out deadly explosives. A testament to the love and devotion between man and dog, Lucca’s story is about the forces strong enough to overcome the traumas and brutalities of war.

A Chance of a Lifetime: A Tallgrass Novel

by Marilyn Pappano

A Chance of a Lifetime book cover
Image: Amazon

Look at the cutie on this cover. Tallgrass, Oklahoma, will always be home to Benita Ford. After all, it’s where her grandmother raised her and where she grew up with her two best friends — her future husband and Calvin. After her husband is killed in combat and Calvin returns to Tallgrass from the same war, Bennie is surprised to find herself falling in love with her childhood friend. But Calvin isn’t the same sensitive, mischievous boy he used to be, and as old demons come back to haunt him — like his feelings for Bennie, the one girl he’s always loved — Calvin and Bennie will risk everything to for this second chance at love.

The Good, the Bad, and the Pugly: An Alpine Grove Romantic Comedy

by Susan C. Daffron

The Good, the Bad, and the Pugly book cover
Image: Amazon

Following a freak accident involving a shopping cart, Brigid Fitzpatrick takes a long look at her life and decides to reinvent herself. With the help of her military widow’s pension, Brigid sells her stuff and rents a cottage in the small but beautiful town of Alpine Grove for a much-needed summer getaway. But when Brigid adopts a sweet dog named Gypsy, she finds herself compelled to also find homes for other Alpine Grove animals, and along the way meets a compassionate, cowboy horse trainer named Clayton Hadley, whose insights force Brigid to confront some deep-seeded fears…

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