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Joe Giudice reveals what will happen to the family if he’s deported

The Giudices are preparing for the worst.

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As Teresa Giudice is finishing her 15-month prison sentence and preparing for early release, that only means Joe Giudice’s sentence is creeping closer. But with this comes the possibility of even stiffer punishment: Joe could be deported back to Italy after he serves his time.

Joe, who is not actually an American citizen, won’t face deportation proceedings until after his federal prison sentence is completed. But once that time comes, the status of his green card could be in jeopardy because of his crimes. Both Joe and Teresa pleaded guilty to crimes of bankruptcy fraud and conspiracy. According to the Immigration and Nationality act, the crimes constitute an aggravated felony — “any crime of fraud or deceit relating to tax evasion in which the loss to the government exceeds $10,000” — which makes Joe removable from the U.S.

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But if Joe does face deportation, what will it mean for Teresa and their children?

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In, it was revealed that there’s a strong possibility Teresa and the girls would move with Joe to Italy.

On the episode, the family’s attorney is shown asking Joe, “If, God forbid, you had to go, do you see Teresa and the girls moving to Italy with you?”

Joe responds that he and his wife have already discussed the possibility.

“Of course she would,” he says, adding that he knows little about Italy and has always considered himself an American, adding to the difficulty that would come with the possibility of being deported.

Luckily, that possibility is still a ways off. Teresa is scheduled for early release from prison on Dec. 23, and Joe won’t even begin his sentence until she’s out. His sentence is considerably longer than Teresa’s — 41 months — and any deportation proceedings wouldn’t begin until he’s served his time behind bars.

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Do you think Teresa is making the right choice moving her family to Italy if Joe gets deported? Sound off the comments.

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