Emotional new track 'Hello' from Adele is hauntingly beautiful (VIDEO)

Oct 23, 2015 at 6:49 a.m. ET
Image: Lia Toby/WENN.com

Fans wept when Adele took a hiatus from the music world but she's back fiercer than ever — and her new track "Hello" proves this.

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Adele is set to release her third album, 25, next month and there's been a lot of hype surrounding it, with excitement reaching boiling point today because the video for her first single has just dropped (and we are fangirling so hard right now).

The video, which is cast in a greenish monotone, has a sad, vintage feel to it and starts with Adele in a dusty cabin as she belts out moving lyrics, "they say that times supposed to heal ya, but I ain't done much healing."

It then takes us on a nostalgic journey through a woman's attempts to make good with an ex-love interest (played by Tristan Wilds), bringing us through a beautiful forest and then back to her apartment, where the music video ends with her staring out of the window as her ex tries to get hold of her in vain.

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According to The Verge, the video was shot in Montreal, Canada by famed Canadian director Xavier Dolan — someone Adele loved working with.

Speaking during an interview with Apple's Beats1 Radio Adele told host Zane Lowe just how fantastic it was working with Dolan.

"It was incredible working with him," she said. "I learned a lot and it made me want to be an actress. He had me crying and acting… and I'm really, really proud of it. It's not like a groundbreaking video in terms of effects and dance moves, but it’s my best video and I'm so proud of it."

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Adele also caught up with BBC Radio 1 where she told host Nick Grimshaw, "I obviously want people to like it," before going on to describe the track as "very intimate" and "very conversational."

"I'm singing very high up in that chorus, trying to have a Meatloaf moment or something," she joked.

Contrary to speculation, "Hello" is not about an ex-love. "It's not about an ex-relationship," the singer told Grimshaw. "It's about my relationship with everyone that I love… it's not that we have fallen out, we've all got our lives going on and I needed to write that song so they would all hear it, because I'm not in touch with them."

The track comes just days after Adele posted an image on social media with the caption, "25 out November 20th."


The post produced some very excited reactions from fans.

"Yes yes new album arrived congratulations well done!!!" zuzana.h wrote.

"So glad your back! (sic)" Instagram user nerianoreen33 shared.

And viki_x16 was unable to contain her excitement with her message, which read, "Yes ur finally back I love you so much ur amazing cant wait to get ur album."

Adele's voice is hauntingly beautiful and the song is everything we've been waiting for. And really, we don't need to tell you any more — just watch the video for yourself.


Are you excited for Adele's new album to drop? Are you as impressed by this new track as we are? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.