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Don’t Be Tardy fans unfairly attack Brielle over her recent breakup

Tonight’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy was bittersweet, as it featured the still-together Brielle Biermann and Slade Osborne. Unfortunately, it also featured what appeared to be the beginning of the end for this adorable couple.

Talk about good timing! Biermann and Osborne announced their breakup shortly prior to an episode of Don’t Be Tardy that focused almost exclusively on lingering issues with their relationship. These problems were significant enough that, even without an official announcement from the couple, a split would have seemed imminent.

Don't Be Tardy
Image: Bravo

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Biermann once had a huge fan base on Twitter, but a lot of people have come to like her less and less as this season has gone on. She lost quite a bit of support when she got into a fight with her stepdad about her decision to skip college and try to make it in Los Angeles on the power of her mom’s connections alone. In addition to creating a ton of drama within the Zolciak-Biermann family, Biermann’s big plans (or lack thereof) could very well have spelled the end of her relationship. Fans of Don’t Be Tardy certainly thought that Biermann could have avoided a nasty breakup by not bothering to pursue a career that, in their opinion, has no chance of working out.

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There is nothing wrong with expressing concerns about Biermann’s lack of concrete plans for her future (not to mention, her apparent belief that she can be a huge star without putting in the requisite effort for less-than-glamorous positions), but Twitter users went a bit too far when they automatically assumed that she would be a huge failure as a red carpet correspondent. At least one fan, however, was willing to jump to Biermann’s defense:

Slade and Brielle
Image: Bravo

In the end, Biermann’s chances of making it in Los Angeles have nothing to do with whether it was a good idea to end her relationship with Osborne. She may or may not prove successful on the west coast, but a breakup was inevitable either way. Based on tonight’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy, Biermann and Osborne simply aren’t compatible. It would have been unfair of Biermann to expect Osborne to obediently follow her out to the west coast and ditch his own plans, but by the same token, there’s no reason why she should give up her dream so that she can remain in Georgia with her allegedly mean-spirited ex.

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Do you think it was a good idea for Brielle Biermann and Slade Osborne to call it quits? Comment and share your opinion below.

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