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Why Sleepy Hollow‘s Ichabod and Joe totally need their own road trip episode

The latest episode of Sleepy Hollow featured a short scene between Ichabod and Joe, but it was just enough time to speculate on what would happen if they got an episode all of their own.

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The premise

What would it take to get an episode where Joe (Zach Appelman) and Ichabod (Tom Mison) would have to go on a road trip together? Not much. Like in “The Sisters Mills” episode, all they’d need is some sort of monster that would require all four teammates to work on a case, but separately. Maybe Abbie (Nicole Beharie) and Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) would need to stay in Sleepy Hollow to do one part of the investigation, while Joe and Ichabod would need to drive to, say, Washington, D.C. for another part. Boom, road trip!

Hilarity ensues

From the brief moments we got in this episode, it’s obvious that Joe and Ichabod would make another one of those awesome buddy-comedy or buddy-cop teams. Ichabod is inherently funny as he reacts to the world, but the true comedy would come from Joe playing the straight man. He would give Ichabod lessons on how to text emojis appropriately, all without cracking more than a smile. Meanwhile, Ichabod would undoubtedly find fault with Joe’s behavior (and everyone else’s) in these modern times. They’d bicker, they’d fight and fans would laugh until they cried.

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Serious bro moments

Under the funny stuff, we’d have to get some solemn moments, too. These would probably come after some long hours on a stakeout (like in any good buddy-cop flick), when their defenses would be down and they would both be willing to let the other in on their secrets. They’ve got daddy issues galore between them, which would bring their bonding to a high level. Ichabod would offer Joe words of wisdom about his dad, while Joe would get Ichabod to stop over-thinking everything and just relax. Who knows? Joe might even get Ichabod to realize he’s in love with Abbie and give the fandom what it wants most: Ichabbie.

Action, action, action

What’s a buddy episode without some action? This one would be loaded with the best kind, full of supernatural monsters and things that are tough and scary as all hell. We wouldn’t want one of the guys to be more beholden to the other, so if one has to get himself saved by the other, then their roles will have to be reversed in the end. Joe would probably need rescuing first, just because Ichabod will likely feel that his skills with the supernatural are superior. Ichabod may not be able to help but feel a little boastful, but all that would change when he gets too comfortable and finds himself in a bind that Joe will have to get him out of. In the end, they’ll declare themselves evenly matched and, when they return from their adventure, they will refuse to give Abbie and Jenny too many details. After all, what happens during a guys’ road trip stays on the road.

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Would you like to see a Joe and Ichabod road trip episode on Sleepy Hollow?

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