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Scandal: Everyone is ditching Mellie — will Cyrus be the last straw?

Hell hath no fury like a Mellie scorned.

One minute Cyrus and Mellie are drinking on the couch together and the next, he’s becoming Scandal‘s latest re-turncoat, leaving Mellie with absolutely no one on her side.

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Not even the Congressional investigation committee wanted her because she represented a conflict of interests. So what’s her next move?

Well, there’s no doubt she’s got one.

My guess is that Elizabeth North will also become a re-turncoat now that the president is planning to fire her in favor of Cyrus. She’s probably restricted by a lot of laws and NDAs that prevent her from testifying against the president or saying anything to anyone about anything involving the White House. Ever. Remember how she was all hyped up on executive privilege tonight? Yeah, that’s probably about to bite her if she plans to jump ship to Mellie’s camp.

Not that the two ladies won’t try. A vengeful Mellie is not a Mellie we’d like to meet. And Elizabeth North has proved she’s almost as cutthroat. Almost.

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If the two do get together, Fitz better watch his back.

But Mellie absolutely has reason to feel vengeful. She doesn’t have anyone left. And it’s really not her fault. Can you blame her for feeling betrayed that her husband turned his back on her to pursue love with another woman? Even though Mellie and Fitz didn’t have that soulmate kind of love doesn’t mean he just gets to opt out on that forever promise he made her to stand by her side.

Sure, she probably shouldn’t have put her trust in Cyrus. But she needed him, not just as an ally, but as a friend. Just as Fitz said he and Cyrus went through so much together, Mellie was there for all of that history too. She is just as connected, which makes Cyrus an incredible hypocrite. He feels so offended that the president doesn’t really know him when he clearly doesn’t know Mellie or take the time to recognize her needs.

I feel absolutely terrible for Mellie.

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That doesn’t mean I want her to win and take down Fitz and Olivia (Kerry Washington). But I still think she deserves a lot more sympathy than audiences have afforded her in the past.

After all this, she definitely deserves to be sitting in that Oval Office.

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