The Vampire Diaries: Stefan’s new love proves he shouldn’t be with Caroline

It didn’t take long for The Vampire Diaries to throw a wrench in our Steroline dreams.

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Of course, we knew it was coming. But that doesn’t mean all you shippers are going to be any happier with Valerie and Stefan’s The Notebook-esque romance. Now that is the epitome of unfinished love business. Especially because she was — spoiler alert — pregnant with his kid!

And while I do feel bad for Caroline, it looks like she is SOL on this love triangle. How do you possibly stand up against a couple hundred years of lost love reunited?

So, no, it seems clearer and clearer that Stefan is not her soul mate. We know the guy is the biggest hopeless romantic of all time; if it’s true that he and Valerie fell head over heels for one another after only one night, then it just follows the Stefan love pattern we’ve seen throughout the show’s history. It was love at first sight with Katherine, too. And Elena.

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Sure, it seemed like he could be breaking the pattern with Caroline by establishing a friendship first. But that’s clearly not working out so well since their relationship is practically dead after only a few episodes — and they were never official to begin with.

Not only were they not official, but I, personally, wasn’t ever sold on them together. And not just because I love Klaus. It just all seemed sort of forced to me. And I’m not too upset about watching them head in different directions.

Caroline definitely does deserve to find her Mr. Right. But who will it ultimately be?

At first the show teased Tyler’s return in Caroline’s life, but executive producer Caroline Dries told us that he is not her future fiancé, rather a trusted confidant it would seem, who has helped Caroline escape Mystic Falls once and for all. Of course, I’m still not to keen on the idea of Tyler being back in Caroline’s life. The moment we fell in love with the idea of Steroline was when Stefan punched Tyler in defense of Caroline’s honor. But it seems we’re in store for a more grown up Tyler and that’s someone we can get behind.

What about Enzo? Now there is a bad boy with potential. (If it wasn’t going to be Klaus, that is.) And Enzo and Caroline have had some fiery chemistry since he arrived on the show.

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The too-soon end of Steroline also means big things for the heretics moving forward. Will Lily accept Stefan into her vampire family? Or will Valerie turn good? Maybe all the heretics will become at least decent since it seems, as Caroline put it, Lily’s heart grew about four times its usual size in tonight’s episode alone. It still has a lot of growing to do before it’s nice-sized, but, hey, there’s potential.

Are you crushed by the too-soon end of Steroline?