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Project Runway eliminates a fan favorite: Was it a huge mistake?

Project Runway’s judges proved that they don’t care about making friends this week when they eliminated designer Edmond Newton, a winner of several challenges and beloved by this season’s viewers.

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Image: Lifetime

It was down to the final four designers of the season, and everyone in the workroom was tense. Newton, Kelly Dempsey, Candice Cuoco and Ashley Nell Tipton designed a red-carpet look for the judges, including guest judge Christian Siriano, the winner of Season 4 of Project Runway. In the end, Dempsey won her third challenge in a row, a spot in Fashion Week and 100 free nights at Best Western. Cuoco is also going to Fashion Week, so it was Tipton and Newton facing down potential elimination. In the end, the judges decided Newton was out. Twitter was not having it.

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Newton’s dress wasn’t great, but there’s no denying that he’s been a star all season. Fans have been predicting that Tim Gunn would use his save if Tipton or Newton were eliminated, but as of the end of this episode, it remains to be seen (although many were still waiting for it to happen at 10:32pm). Some predict that Gunn will use it to bring Newton along to Fashion Week, especially after the ominous preview of the next episode.

It’s pretty excruciating to see Newton go in the episode before Fashion Week, although if it had been Tipton who was eliminated, it probably would have elicited a similar reaction. We’re guaranteed a cliff-hanger next week, regardless of whether or not Gunn uses his save, but viewers are definitely holding out for Newton.

Zach Posen
Image: Lifetime

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Are you furious to see Newton go? Did the judges make the wrong decision? Do you think Gunn will use his save to bring him back next week?

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