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Once Upon a Time: 13 Actors perfect to play the show’s new dapper devil

The Dark One and King Arthur aren’t the only two evils the people of Storybrooke have to worry about. Come the second half of Season 5, it seems Once Upon a Time might be welcoming quite the dark figure and possibly introducing another Disney movie into the mix.

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According to TVLine, there’s a chance the devil is coming to OUAT. A “Distinguished Gentleman” or “DG” is being cast and he is described as a “mysterious, dangerous and vindictive God-like figure.” Prior to this casting news, cocreator Eddy Kitsis summarized Season 5B as hell, which had many theorizing the Underworld would soon be featured. So, does that mean this “DG” is really the devil?

Furthermore, does this mean the Disney movie Hercules is going to come into play? There’s a good chance that this isn’t the devil, but maybe Hades. Whatever the case, if the devil or Hades is indeed coming to OUAT, here are a few actors that would be perfect for the role.

1. Ioan Gruffudd

Ioan Gruffudd
Image: Tumblr

Ever since ABC canceled Forever, I’ve been rooting for Gruffudd to snag the role of Merlin. Seeing as that didn’t work out, he could always take on the role of the devil. There’s no doubt he’s “distinguished.” Plus, a devil with an accent is quite agreeable.

2. Mark Pellegrino

Mark Pellegrino
Image: Giphy

Who better to play the devil than someone who portrayed a similar character? Supernatural fans know just how amazing Pellegrino was as Lucifer, so he’d definitely knock this role out of the park.

3. Robert Knepper

Robert Knepper
Image: Tumblr

What villainous role can’t Knepper pull off? From Prison Break to Arrow to Heroes, he has “devil” written all over his face and for sure wouldn’t disappoint as the devil.

4. Harold Perrineau

Harold Perrineau
Image: Tumblr

If you’re in the mood for a Lost reunion, cross your fingers Perrineau will join OUAT as the devil. After all, co-creators Kitsis and Adam Horowitz were executive producers on Lost. Plus, Perrineau briefly showed off his dark side on NBC’s Constantine, so the devil is right up his alley.

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5. Sendhil Ramamurthy

Sendhil Ramamurthy
Image: Tumblr

He will forever be good guy Mohinder from Heroes, but I’d love to see Ramamurthy embrace a more devilish side. Fans briefly saw it on Heroes after Mohinder gave himself abilities, but that just wasn’t enough.

6. Jack Coleman

Jack Coleman
Image: Tumblr

What character can’t Coleman play? Whether he’s playing good or bad on Heroes, Scandal or The Vampire Diaries, Coleman is a pro. He’d truly bring the devil to life in a fantastic way.

7. Mark Dacascos

Mark Dacascos
Image: Tumblr

If you’re a fan of Hawaii Five-0, then you know that Dacascos is no stranger to playing evil. He seamlessly portrayed the iconic Wo Fat. I have faith that he’d do the same as the devil.

8. Terry O’Quinn

Terry O'Quinn
Image: Tumblr

With O’Quinn, there could be another Lost reunion. Oh, and the fact that he played the devil on ABC’s 666 Park Avenue is one of the many reasons he’d be perfect for the hellish role.

9. Dylan McDermott

Dylan McDermott
Image: Tumblr

Maybe this is just a shameless ploy to get McDermott back on my TV screen, but I do believe the American Horror Story alum would do the role of devil justice.

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10. Michael Ealy

Michael Ealy
Image: Tumblr

While on The Following, Ealy showed he does bad good. Well, just picture him as the devil. Yeah, he and his baby blue eyes make a devilish team.

11. Jason Isaacs

Lucius Malfoy
Image: Tumblr

Hello: He played Lucius Malfoy! Of course Isaacs would be amazing as the devil. Please let a Harry Potter character come to OUAT!

12. Tom Felton

Tom Felton
Image: Tumblr

If Isaacs doesn’t work out, let’s start a petition to get Felton, aka Draco Malfoy, to play the devil. Make this happen, my fellow Potterheads!

13. Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston
Image: Giphy

OK, I’m sure this will never happen in a million years, but, hey, a girl and faithful Hiddlestoner can dream.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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