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RHOC‘s Tamra Judge ripped to shreds by daughter on Facebook

Tamra Judge’s estrangement from her daughter Sidney Barney just got even deeper — the teen just posted a scathing indictment of her mom on Facebook, and it’s pretty clear there is no love lost there.

Barney’s diatribe was brought on by this week’s The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion show, during which Judge tearfully discussed the pair’s two-year feud. The teen, who says she has begged her mother for years not to discuss her on the show, was understandably pissed.

“I watched the reunion show last night and I am disappointed,” Barney wrote. “I try not to talk about personal family matters with my friends, but I was made aware that my mother was talking about me and discussing our personal family matters on the show again. At this point I think it is necessary to tell the truth since she does not know how to tell the truth.”

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“The reason I do not live with my mother is not because of my dad, it is because she is mentally/verbally abusive and not a mother to me. When I told my mother that I didn’t want to live with her anymore I asked only a few things from her. For the past two years I’ve been asking her to stop treating me badly, to stop doing embarrassing [things] and talking about me on the show, and to not use my siblings and I as storylines. Clearly she hasn’t followed through with anything that would have made me go back to her house. After telling her this for two years in consoling [sic], she still hasn’t recognized that these problems are between her and I and continues to make this about my father and her.

“If she really wanted me back in her life she would have taken responsibility and changed two years ago when I told the first time what was causing our relationship to suffer,” Barney finished. “Obviously, I am just another storyline that feeds her fame and her wallet. Now you’re using Spencer as a storyline, I hope he realizes it before the damage is done.”

To really drive the point home, Barney posted the link on Judge’s Twitter page, ensuring that her mom read her forceful words — and Judge’s response was really sad. Initially she tweeted, “I’m sorry you feel that way I love you more than anything. To say I was abusive in any way is wrong.” It seems to have since been deleted because now only a simple message can be seen in it’s place.

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Barney has been caught in the middle of a bitter custody battle between Judge and her ex-husband Simon Barney, who Judge accused of purposely alienating their daughter from her.

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