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James Harden fans think his new post is aimed at Khloé and their breakup

Khloé Kardashian really stepped up during Lamar Odom’s health crisis, and the estranged couple have now decided to give their love another shot and call off their divorce. But what does this mean for Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, James Harden?

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Unfortunately, Harden got the short end of the straw in this whole situation, and a new report about the way he found out his relationship was over will really make you feel for him.

“James found out about Khloé taking Lamar back from friends texting him and Twitter. After that, Khloé got to him and they talked. He is OK with it because he is focused specifically on [an] NBA championship, MVP of the league and how to spend his $200 million from Adidas. His life is all right. He is not going to let heartbreak ruin all the good he has in his life. He lives by the code — everything happens for a reason. So don’t feel bad for him,” a source told Hollywood Life.

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While we’re glad that Harden is not taking the breakup too badly, it’s still sucks that he had to find out about it via social media. Despite this, Harden is bouncing back and recently uploaded a video on Instagram in which he sings along to Drake and Future’s song “Jersey” — which many have interpreted as a dis at Kardashian.

Instagram user sillabo stated, “think this bout khloe lol.” [sic] And other fans were quick to tell Harden he would be better off without her.

“F*** all that kardashian drama you good young’n” jp3theking wrote. brownskinnedafro agreed. They wrote, “Lol @jharden13 never get involved with the kardashians.”

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“he better make sure he keeps his head on the court & not this in Kardashian foolishness,” kayjtee23 shared.

Khloe and Lamar timeline slideshow

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