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Angela Bassett checks in at AHS: Hotel and into a hot new alliance

Angela Bassett is slaying on American Horror Story: Hotel with her grand entrance into the show.

And no, not just because she’s playing a B-movie action actress turned hemophiliac, but because she is giving The Countess a run for her money as queen of Season 5.

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Let’s first take a moment to let our jaws fall at the fact that Bassett is 57 years old. Someone give me those genes right now. Right. Now. She is absolutely timeless! Which not only makes her the perfect hemophiliac, it also means she needs to get herself a skincare endorsement STAT because I’ll buy whatever she tells me to.

But aesthetics weren’t the only thing that had me floored during Hotel. Bassett also gave a tremendous performance as she made her entrance on the show by kidnapping Donovan (Matt Bomer).

Turns out, her character Ramona wants to take down The Countess (Lady Gaga) and thinks Donovan is the perfect companion in her master plan. That is, until he reveals that The Countess broke up with him last week.

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Of course, just because there are a few hitches in Ramona’s plan doesn’t mean she and Donovan aren’t ultimately a pairing that needs to happen.

Bassett herself explained Ramona’s relationship with Donovan in a recent interview with TV Guide.

“I think Donovan has been loved and discarded the same way Ramona has, so they have that in common with one another,” Bassett explained. “Where it’s going, I don’t know, because he’s still very fresh. It’s been a moment for Ramona to process through. Although the pain is fresh, she’s had some distance, the ability to wallow in it or process it. Rationally, he understands his position or lack of position in The Countess’ life. But emotionally, he’s still very, very much tethered.”

If you’ll remember, I was pretty set last week on The Countess realizing the error of her ways and going back to Donovan. But the more and more I see her interact with Tristan, the more I realize that she’s just a problem. Oh, and a gold digger… who kidnaps people’s children even though she clearly can’t afford them. Gross.

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So it could be Ramona for the win this season.

Though, does anyone ever really win in the world of American Horror Story?

Just three episodes in, it’s important to remember that a lot can and will change. Clearly the alliances are still forming. And as The Countess and Will Drake proved tonight, gay, straight or taken, no pairing is off the table moving forward.

Do you think Ramona and Donovan will be Hotel‘s ultimate power couple?

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