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Supernatural: 7 Cryptic hints Amara dropped about The Darkness

If you didn’t already have a ton of questions about The Darkness, I bet you have even more after Wednesday’s episode. While hanging with “Uncle Crowley,” Amara not only ate a lot of soul food (i.e. she literally sucked down souls), but she also dropped hints about the big foreboding evil unleashed, thanks to Sam and Dean.

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Of course, she remained cryptic about a lot of the details, so fans are probably still as confused as ever about what’s happening with The Darkness. With that said, that doesn’t mean they don’t have something to work with. So, here are seven things Amara revealed to Crowley that may or may not help viewers decipher exactly what is going on with The Darkness.

1. God is not a friend to The Darkness

Amara said to Crowley, “Save me from Him,” which I assume means God. She also said that “he tricked me” and “he sealed me away.” Yeah, The Darkness and God aren’t on the same side. With that said, how did God seal her away? That’s the answer Sam and Dean need to learn.

2. She doesn’t understand mankind

Not only is mankind confusing to The Darkness, but so is good, evil, heaven, hell and people. She finds it all “unimportant.” However, whenever she gets stronger, Amara will do things differently than God.

3. Her true destiny is a secret, so far

While chatting with the older Amara (Emily Swallow) through a mirror, her older self told her to “stay fixed on our purpose.” If that’s not enough, older Amara told younger Amara, “Your true destiny will become clearer as you grow stronger.” So what is her true destiny?

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4. The Darkness feels the emptiness of the souls

Every time she sucks down a soul, Amara can feel the emptiness, which I imagine isn’t a great feeling — or taste. Anyway, she doesn’t understand why the world is a place where people have to suffer and die. It also doesn’t seem like Amara wants to create a world with 100 percent pure evil, which is interesting.

5. She’s always hungry

If you didn’t pick up on it throughout the episode, Amara is hungry and won’t stop eating souls until she gets strong enough. Or, maybe she’ll continue to eat souls, because that’s how she stays strong?

6. God is probably the answer

This has to be the season fans finally meet God face to face, right? I know many think Chuck is God and, if so, great, because I’d love to see him return. If not, God seems to be the only one who holds the answers, so let’s meet him, stat.

7. The “big picture” remains a mystery

What is the “big picture” Amara kept mentioning? What is her big plan? If Crowley gets his way, he’ll figure it out sooner rather than later — and before the Winchesters.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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