Leaked JLo & Ben Affleck home videos are a complete invasion of privacy

Has our obsession with celebrities’ lives gone too far?

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From nude photos of female celebrities online to paparazzi pics of Justin Bieber naked on vacation, the line between what’s public and what’s private in the lives of stars has become more and more blurred. Now, Radar Online has published leaked home video showing intimate moments from Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship, and it feels like another extreme invasion of privacy.

The videos show the two stars at the height of their relationship, kissing, hugging and fondling each other at Lopez’s birthday party, on Christmas morning and with family and friends in a hot tub. These moments all include family members and are clearly private. What business does the public have viewing those clips?

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The argument can be made that celebrities have given up their right to privacy to a certain extent just by being celebrities. Their every public move can be photographed and sold. But the key word there is “public.” There are laws preventing paparazzi from taking photos through the windows of a celebrity’s house. These videos feel an awful lot like that: peeking through the windows without permission.

Celebrities, however famous they may be, are still people, and they deserve to have some control over which aspects of their lives are public and which ones they want to stay private. But for them to be able to do that, we need to get on board. We need to stop viewing and sharing leaked photos and videos that were never meant for public consumption. Whether it’s a nude photo or home videos, it’s not up to us to decide to make someone’s private life public.

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Do you agree? Should celebrities have more control over what stays private in their lives? What’s the best way to give them that power? Head down to the comments section below to add your thoughts to the conversation.