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The Weeknd shares disturbing story about losing his virginity

The Weeknd just revealed how he lost his virginity, and we’re not sure it was entirely legal.

Discussing the details of such a personal moment is not something you hear in a national publication every day, but The Weeknd, who is currently dating Bella Hadid, told Rolling Stone all about it — and one detail in particular is a little disturbing, for a couple of reasons.

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He explained that he was 16 years old when a pal brought him to a college party — stereotypically, it was a toga party — where he lied about his age and said he was from a different nearby college. This is just the first problematic part of the story.

“I could have been a student at f***in’ McDonald’s, she was so drunk,” he told Rolling Stone about the woman he had sex with. “I was drunk too. It was the worst experience of my life. Losing your virginity to an older woman sounds good, but it was kinda like, ‘Oh shit, it’s done?'”

So basically, he was underage and could have possibly made the woman an unwitting sex offender, depending on the age difference and location — and yes, people are prosecuted for this, even when there is deception involved. Then, on the flip side, he had sex with a woman who by his own admission was very, very drunk, which in many states fits the legal definition of rape — if she was unable to provide meaningful consent because of her inebriation.

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This could be one tale The Weeknd’s PR team might want him to stop talking about — we’re just saying. It can be spun into something pretty negative.

In addition to this disturbing tale, he also revealed how he and Hadid met.

“I actually asked her to be on the artwork for Beauty Behind the Madness,” he said. “My motive was literally to work with her.”

Hadid declined. “I was like, ‘All right, cool — we can meet up face to face,'” he recalled. “It just kind of fell into my lap. If this had happened two years ago — well… she couldn’t.”

Why not? Because two years ago Hadid was 16 — the same age he was when he lied to another woman to get her to sleep with him.

“If I’d met someone two years ago, I probably would’ve f***ed it up. But I’m more — how do I say it? — clear-thinking now,” he said.

Hopefully that newfound clarity includes some clearly defined ideas about enthusiastic consent.

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